Elderly Couple With Coronavirus Bidding Each Other Tearful Goodbye Before Parting Will Restore Faith in "Forever"

Elderly Couple With Coronavirus Bidding Each Other Tearful Goodbye Before Parting Will Restore Faith in "Forever"

Here's what "in sickness and in health" looks like.

That the words "till death do us apart" are not just words but an inseparable part of a solemn oath was proven right a hundred times by an elderly couple in China who have been tested positive of Coronavirus and are going through isolation and treatment. The video that is now viral shows us another side of the crisis and how it impacts not just one's physical health but the way it is tearing apart families and loved ones.

The video of the elderly couple, who are said to be in their 80s, sees them lying on different beds, wearing tubes and masks and holding each other's hand as they bid farewell to each other before they were separated and transferred to the ICU. Many social media users believe that they might not see each other again in this lifetime, therefore, they wanted to bid their last, loving goodbye.


It was shared on Twitter with the caption, "What does a couple mean? Two elderly patients of #coronavirus #CoronarivusOutbreak in their 80s said goodbye in ICU, this could be the last time to meet and greet".


While the tweet is now unavailable, the video is doing rounds on social media and is making millions of people around the world choke up and pray for all who are away from their families and struggling to get well soon.

Many social media users are heartbroken to see them gasping for breath as the gentleman appears to talk from under his mask.






Another video that had caught the eyes of the world was one of the medics of China who were seen breaking down to bits as they were leaving their loved ones behind to save lives. Netizens then called it a "suicide mission" because they believed many of them would not come back.


However, in these times of crises and grief, there are some who are doing what they can to lift their and others' spirits. This video of quarantined Italians singing from their respective balconies also went viral recently and showed us that even in times of darkness there is always hope for a better tomorrow!


As of March 20, 3248 people have lost their lives to the pandemic, according to worldometer. Visit the WHO site to stay updated with coronavirus related information.




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