Mini-Crocs for Small Dogs Exist and They’re Adorable

Mini-Crocs for Small Dogs Exist and They’re Adorable

Pets deserve all the love in the world, and what better way to shower them with, than these cute Crocs?

Dogs are the best thing to happen to humans, which is why they deserve all the love and affection in this world. Pet parents shower their babies with toys and luxuries, and the latest product for doggos in the market are crocs. Yes, that's right. 

Even though Crocs don't look appealing, they're actually quite comfortable, or so fans of the brand swear by it. This is why they probably wanted to share the comfort of the footwear with their beloved pets. A brand called GEHARTY seized the opportunity, and now, Crocs for dogs aren't a dream anymore!

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Similar to the human version of Crocs, the ones for doggos are also soft, flexible, and come in a variety of colors. The only difference is that there are hearts on the shoe instead of regular holes. 

When it comes to sizing, each dog-Croc measures 2.76 by 1.15 inches, which means the footwear is designed to fit tiny paws; unfortunately, these won't really fit larger pooches.

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This does seem like a great fit for when you wish to take adorable photos of your pet, but the designers of the cute shoe have informed that these are not intended to be worn when your dog is walking or running around. 

These shoes have been sold out on Amazon for the longest time, ever since they gained popularity, but they sell at $13 a pair. Yep, they only come for the front legs. 

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As a pet lover, it only makes sense to pamper your dog. They truly deserve all the love in the world, but if these shoes aren't meant for your pet, then there are several options available, from outfits to toys. The world truly is their oyster. 



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