Dad Heartlessly Battered 2YO Step-Daughter to Death for the Smallest Reason | She Failed to Use the Potty

Dad Heartlessly Battered 2YO Step-Daughter to Death for the Smallest Reason | She Failed to Use the Potty

The step-father beat the little child sixty times causing her to suffer from hemorrhage.

Trigger Warning: Child Abuse, child corporal punishment and child death

There are days when we think "nothing worse can happen" than what you've experienced that day. But trust us, there are things in this world that can make you question humanity. There are things so unfathomable that it can leave you shook to your core. This story here will make you ashamed of being a part of the species we call human.

A man allegedly beat his 2-year-old step-daughter so mercilessly that she passed away. The reason for the beating is unbelievable. The father hit the toddler because she urinated on the floor instead of using the potty.

Kids as small as the baby girl here are prone to making mistakes when it comes to everyday things like eating, using the washroom and others. It's the duty of the parents to train them and make them understand what is right and what's not, but Anton Proskurin took the correcting of kids to an extreme level where he took the life of his own child.


The 40-year-old is accused of battering the baby, Ksenia Dubrovina, for more than 60 times that left her with grave injuries on the head and body, ultimately claiming her life. According to the report by The Mirror, Ksenia was found by her 25-year-old mum Zinaida Proskurina with head swollen horribly like a balloon due to the attack by her step-father.

What's suspicious is that Zinaida called the ambulance only 24 hours after the little girl stopped breathing. Paramedics, on their arrival at the crime scene, declared the toddler dead. They were so shocked to see Ksenia's condition that they decided to call the police. When the police questioned Anton, he confessed to the crime.

After conducting a forensic examination on Ksenia's body, the officials found that she had been attacked 20 times on the head and 40 times all over the body. Because of the brutal attack, she suffered from hemorrhage due to her severe head injuries.

According to the reports, Zinaida knew about the abuse that the little one was facing from the hands of her step-father but took no action to stop it and protect her daughter. The investigators said that Anton had been systematically beating the innocent soul during the last months of her life.


The reports also revealed that the mother of the 2-year-old use to apply makeup on the child to cover her injuries. If you find this bizarre, it only gets worse. Witnesses revealed that the mother of the 2-year-old took pictures of the bruised child and showed them to her friends saying, "they were for the family's album."

Prosecutor Aleksandr Kanaev confirmed the assault the little girl endured and told the local media, ''The violence against the girl lasted for months. Her parents treated her badly and beat her on every occasion."

He continued, ''In May 2019 Proskurin violently pulled the child by arm and broke it. He did it to punish her after she fell over.''

A friend of the family, Roman recited another incident where the child was assaulted by Anton but her mother stood still and watched. ''Once Proskurin kicked Ksenia in the belly. She fell on to the floor and cried. Zinaida watched then laughed," he revealed and added, ''I started protesting but he said that the child was naughty and needed a lesson.''


The ruthless and heartwrenching ordeal that happened in Tolyatti, western Russia in June 2019, is still under investigation where Zinaida, a saleswoman at a liquor store is being investigated for failing to fulfill parental duties, reported The Daily Star.

Anton, a security guard, is being accused of the murder of the child, a minor committed with particular cruelty. If he's found guilty, he's looking at a life sentence.




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