Dad Camps Outside Hospital For 25 Days to Be Close to His Sick Child Until He Could Bring His Boy Back Home

Dad Camps Outside Hospital For 25 Days to Be Close to His Sick Child Until He Could Bring His Boy Back Home

The former pro-boxer dad has been trying to raise money for the hospitals that treated his son, who is now home and better.

A parent's love for their children goes far, far beyond what anyone can imagine. When some parents see their child is struggling or unwell, they make sure that they do everything possible to be close to them to comfort them. One father in the UK did something unimaginable just to be close to his son, who was in the hospital.

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When Michael Walsh's son got sick and had to stay in the hospital for a few weeks he made sure that he was as close to his son as possible. The 35-year-old bought a tent to sleep outside the Great Ormond Street Hospital while his baby boy, Liam, was in the hospital due to his heart condition. Michael stayed 25 days in the tent at Queens Square Gardens next to the hospital in London, according to Metro.

Little Liam, was born weighing only 700 gm and had a heart that was 20% its normal size. The infant had to spend the first seven months of his life in a hospital during which time he underwent seven surgeries on his heart. Now, 18 months old, he "died" for 43 minutes during one of the operations.


While the father, who's was a former pro-boxer, was offered a place with other families to stay while his son was being treated, he refused to take it. While staying in the tent, he would buy food for others who were also sleeping in the same condition. He would then check on his son, who has gone back home and is "doing brilliant."

"The hospital offered me a halfway house with other families but the state of mind I was in I couldn’t. I needed to be as close to my son as possible so I got a tent until I could get him home. I think it was around 25 days," he said.

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The dad wanted to do something for the hospital that first treated his son. So, he returned to professional boxing to raise money for Great Ormond Street and Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. "I genuinely couldn’t put into words what those hospitals have done for me. At one point Liam had a hole in his chest and I could see his heart beating and his lungs. Nobody has ever done more for me than bring my son back," he said.


During the time his son was in the hospital, boxing became his salvation, according to EDP24. He was able to raise £3,966 by returning to the professional boxing arena. The fire that was ignited in him when he saw his son unwell has inspired him to take it further. The pro-boxer is now planning to go for the British title. Once he began training, his coach realized that the 35-year-old still has a crack at the prestigious title.

"Let's do it, let's find out. I have 12, 18 months left - my dad always said I could win the British title so let's see if I can do it, one last crack at it," he said, according to EDP24.




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