David Foster & Katherine McPhee Are 34 Years Apart But So in Love | “It Doesn’t Make Sense to People, It Does to Us"

David Foster & Katherine McPhee Are 34 Years Apart But So in Love | “It Doesn’t Make Sense to People, It Does to Us"

It took quite a bit of heartbreak for both of them before their genuine friendship turned to pure love.

Source: (L) Getty Images | Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer and (R) Katharine Foster's Instagram

True love is beyond the boundaries of age, ethnicity, or culture. The relationship between Canadian musician and composer, David Foster, and his wife, Katherine McPhee, stands testimony to this truth. Despite their 35-year age gap, the couple seems to be so in love and happy together.

How it began

The pair first met on the sets of American Idol in 2006, where Foster was a guest mentor and McPhee was a contestant. Foster and Andrea Bocelli had stopped by to help the budding artist practice Whitney Houston's, I Have Nothing, for her spot in the Top 6. However, at that time it was nothing but a professional mentoring relationship that grew into a nurturing friendship.



In fact, The Colour of My Love writer performed at McPhee's wedding to Nick Cokas in February 2008. Shortly after, Foster actually married Yolanda Hadid in 2011. Little did these two know that they both would go on to divorce their respective spouses only to end up in each other's arms. 


Friendship turns into romance

After the now-70-year-old composer's divorce from Hadid, he was trying to learn how to be single, considering it was his fourth marriage that ended in divorce. "I tend to go from marriage to marriage—leaving one wife for another," he told Vanity Fair. "This is the first time in my adult life that I've been single. It's a very powerful feeling, but I'm not used to it. Someone said to me recently that you need to be very careful about the person you pick to spend the rest of your life with. It's kind of weird that I'm hearing that now and thinking, 'Oh, right'."



However, it didn't last for long as McPhee entered the picture. Though the two were spotted multiple times sharing subtle gestures of love, they never went official. It was two of Foster's daughters, Sarah and Erin, that seemed to confirm their relationship when no one else would. Speaking to E! News, "We love Katharine McPhee. We love our dad. We want our dad to be happy. We don't care who he dates...don't really care how old they are," Sara said, adding, "We don't know if it's her."



In the public eye

By December 2017, the couple's rather bold moments of PDA proved how committed they were about each other. "David and Katherine are more serious than they ever have been, and don't care what others around them think," a source said at the time, according to E!News. "David and Katherine have been spending a lot of time together recently and are not afraid to show affection now."


"David is usually a playboy but Katherine has made him change his ways, and he is really comfortable with her," the source added. "He tries to fit Katherine into his schedule with dinners and lunches during the week. They both love being out in public together and are enjoying each other's company. Katherine has always had a crush on David, and she's happy that their relationship is transpiring." But it was during the Met Gala in 2018 that they made it official by attending it together as a couple.


David Foster and Katharine McPhee (Source: Getty Images | Photo by Theo Wargo)

Foster's uncertainty about marriage

"David has not shown any interest in getting married again. He hasn't discounted how he feels about Katherine but there are no plans for them to even get engaged anytime soon," a source told E! News, after adding that his girlfriend wasn't really asking for one either. But this began to change in the first half of 2018. "Katherine has been wanting this for a while now," a source revealed to E! News shortly after the couple revealed their engagement. "David has been planning the engagement but has kept it very secretive. Only a few family members knew about his plans."


Katharine McPhee and David Foster (Source: Getty Images | Photo by Presley Ann)

In 2019, the two got married in a small, close-knit affair, and Foster's children were more than happy to welcome their new step-mom into their lives. The couple seemed so in sync and happy that no one cared about their 34-year age gap. The Scorpion actress revealed to People that they focus more on the things they have in common than their differences. “It doesn’t make sense to a lot of people, but it does to us,” she said. “There are just a lot of things when you look at the history of our relationship, neither of us could have written it. I would never have imagined that this would be our future together.”


What they love the most about each other

“I have always just admired him and loved him and he’s always been so great to people around him. He can be intimidating when he really needs to be for his work, but he’s really lovely," said the 35-year-old stepmother-of-eight, according to Fox News. When Foster was asked the same, he said, “Her singing, first of all. I mean where do I start the inner beauty, the outer beauty, and we have been friends for 14 years, and it was just kind of a natural coming together.”


“He has things to learn from me and I have a lot of things to learn from him,” said McPhee, according to People, “so I think we have a nice yin and yang.”