David Hasselhoff Paid So Much Spousal Support to Ex-Wife, Pamela Bach, He Was Broke After Their Divorce

David Hasselhoff Paid So Much Spousal Support to Ex-Wife, Pamela Bach, He Was Broke After Their Divorce

David Hasselhoff was married to actress Pamela Bach from 1989 to 2006 and they have two daughters together.

Sometimes, even the strongest relationships fall apart when there is no understanding between the two partners. In such cases, it can take years for a separation to happen and even more time for the former couple to come to an arrangement about their post-divorce financial and living situation.

David Hasselhoff and his second wife, Pamela Bach, also a former actress, were married from 1989 to 2006. The couple is parents to two daughters, Hayley and Taylor. One of the ugly parts of getting divorced is the spousal support and how unwilling a man is about paying it. While "The Hoff", as he is popularly known, had been working and raking in the moolah, Bach had stopped working and was instead taking care of their children, who are now grown up.

After their divorce, Hasselhoff was paying his former wife $21,000 per month, according to TMZ. However, he told the court in 2016 that he was broke after making the payment. He made millions from his time working on the TV show Baywatch, Knight Rider, and various other TV shows, movies, and his singing career. However, he revealed he can't afford to support Bach anymore because he's got less than $4,000 in cash in his account, as per TMZ.


Until 2016, the mother of his two daughters was receiving $252,000 per year and he wanted this amount to be significantly lowered since he doesn't have as many paying gigs anymore. He said that his European tour was cut short since there weren't enough ticket sales and his then-new reality show, Hoff the Record may not be a success. It received the International Emmy Award for Comedy but ended in 2016.

The actor said that he was trying hard to stay "relevant," which also included being part of the Baywatch movie, but hasn't had much luck. He revealed that he earns $112k a month, but spends $66k, which doesn't include the payments to Bach or taxes and living expenses. Once everything is paid off, he barely saves anything. 

In her defense, Bach said that nobody wants to hire an actress in her mid-50s. She had appeared in the UK Celebrity Big Brother 8 in 2011 but was the second celebrity to leave the house, as per Daily Mail.


Eventually, the spousal support was reduced to $10,000 a month, which went on for a couple of years but Hasselhoff wanted to cut her out from his balance sheet completely. She said that she made "good faith and reasonable efforts" to get work and it hasn't worked out, as per TMZ.

She further claimed that he never gave her a $1 million payment to balance their separation of assets when they divorced even though he has a boat, jet skis, two trusts with a lot of assets, and their home. All she had received was $325,000 out of the house when they divorced.


The Knight Rider actor was able to convince the courts that retirement was looming for him and he wouldn't be able to afford the $10,000 per month payment either. He claimed he was dipping into his retirement savings to make spousal support payments. In their new agreement that started on December 1, 2017, he was to pay $5,000 to Bach each month until November 30, 2020, TMZ revealed.

In 2018, Hasselhoff, 68, married his third wife, Welsh model Hayley Roberts, 40, after seven years of dating. "This is the very first time I’ve been able to get on my knees and say will you marry me and follow up by getting married from my heart. Hayley has married me for me and it’s a great moment," he told Hello! magazine. "The first time I saw Hayley I knew that I’d marry her and it’s lovely to see her so incredibly happy and easily dedicated to being married," he added.


His wife had been over the moon after tying the knot. “I’m now Hayley Roberts Hasselhoff. My initials are HRH, like Her Royal Highness, although I’m Hoff’s Royal Highness – I love it!” she said.







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