Heartbreaking Images from Diana’s Funeral That Show Why She Will Forever Be the People’s Princess

Heartbreaking Images from Diana’s Funeral That Show Why She Will Forever Be the People’s Princess

Diana was a worldwide sensation. People related to her and loved her. When she died, it broke the hearts of millions around the world. Her funeral was attended by scores of the public who couldn't contain the grief of losing their favorite princess.

From the day she was revealed to the world as the girl who would marry Prince Charles, people fell in love with her. Her style, elegance, kindness, and humanity captured the hearts of millions around the world. Diana was not just a royal princess but she identified with the common public and was seen as one among them. Her impact was so huge that even after 22 years of her death, she is still remembered, loved and admired.





August 31, 1997, remains a black day in world history. Princess Diana died in Paris following a horrific accident. The world was shocked and horrified when they heard that their beloved princess was no longer alive.




Her tragic death broke the hearts of millions and Londoners poured out their grief and love for the princess. They left flowers, candles, and personal notes outside her home in Kensington Palace. "Princess Diana, we love you and we miss you," said a banner outside her home left along with the thousands of flowers brought in as tribute.



Seven days later, she was honored with a public funeral in Westminster Abbey, London. While three million people gathered to bid farewell to their princess, around 2.5 billion people viewed or listened to her funeral.




Thousands waited in line to sign a public condolence book along the streets of London as her coffin was taken in a procession accompanied by her sons Prince Harry and Prince William. There was pain in the eyes of every person and people wept out loud when they saw the coffin of their favorite Princess pass by.




Her funeral ceremony at Westminster Abbey was attended by government officials and celebrities like Elton John, Tom Cruise,  Anna Wintour, and Steven Spielberg. Elton John who was a close friend of the princess performed Candle in the Wind, a song that was rewritten for Diana by Bernie Taupin.




Her burial was then held privately in a ceremony attended by her mother and a close friend, along with her children and Prince Charles. Her funeral service spoke volumes of how much she made a difference to the people around her. Her death was not the loss for a country but for the world. We lost a great humanitarian and visionary the day we lost Diana.






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