The 9 Wealth Spots on Your Face and What They Could Be Saying About Your Future

The 9 Wealth Spots on Your Face and What They Could Be Saying About Your Future

Just take one look in the mirror and you can actually see your entire future in front of you.

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Did you know that your face can say so much about you? You might have heard that the shape of your nose, the color of your eyes and even your lips can reveal a lot about your personality. But what you may not have known is that your face can also predict quite a bit about your future. And these predictions can be done by looking at the nine wealth spots that exist on your face.

According to Psychic.com, "The Chinese hold strong beliefs that faces can show if you would be lucky or unlucky. The 'mountains' and 'rivers' of the face contribute to a representation of wealth and fortune for that person. The central axis of the face is an important indicator of a person's luck in life. Hence, when it appears to be balanced on both sides of the face, it is said that it is properly aligned for prosperity."

These wealth spots are a part of Chinese face reading, a branch of Feng Shui, which the Chinese believe was a great tool to gauge someone's personality, luck, fate, and wealth, according to Your Chinese Astrology.


These are the nine wealth spots:

1. First wealth spot


Located on the forehead, this spot represents luck from heaven. A truly blessed person will have symmetry when it comes to their forehead and if it is protruding and prominent, you're more likely to experience great fortune. That's why it is called the first prosperity mountain. In order for this to truly work though, it is recommended that the skin be kept clear of blemishes and pimples. A round forehead indicates power in your future, a curved forehead indicates wealth and a protruding forehead indicates authority.

2. Second wealth spot


According to the Chinese, heaven, earth, and mankind are the three factors of luck and "man" is located in the center between your eyes. Also known as the "life palace," clear skin in this area can mean that you are destined for good fortune, affluence, and influence. Moles or hair here could signify hurdles that you might face in life.


3. Third wealth spot


Your nose size actually matters when it comes to wealth. This spot represents the "yin" and is also considered one of the rivers on the face. The rounder or fleshier and smoother your nose is, the wealthier and luckier you are predicted to be. And according to World of Feng Shui, if this is on a woman, the man she marries will experience great fortune. However, like the space between your eyes, if there are spots on your nose, it could mean that you have obstacles headed your way.

4. Fourth wealth spot

Phoenix Pearl

This spot is known as the Phoenix Pearl and it is located below the nose and right about the curve on the tip of your lips. Since the pearl is considered a gemstone to the Chinese, this feature suggests that you are built for high-class life and prestige. It could also mean that you have a true gift of the gab that can bring good fortune to you. And if this is accompanied by clefts or dimples, you truly are lucky and attractive to others.


5. Fifth wealth spot


This wealth spot is actually your mouth and it's considered the second river of your face. Like the wetness of the river, a soft and succulent mouth indicates an auspicious life. And no matter how big or small your mouth is, if it appears dry, it indicates a lack of water in the river and hence, a lack of luck as well. So as long as it remains moist, good luck will continue to pour in.

6. Sixth wealth spot


This is the second mountain on the face and it is located on the chin. This represents Earth and a protruding, strong chin suggests a long life filled with prosperity and happiness. A prominent chin could also mean that you are set to accumulate a lot of asset wealth. A receding jawline could indicate misfortune in old age and can even be a sign of premature death.


7. Seventh wealth spot


Your eyes are the seventh wealth spot and they speak so much. Your shape, size, and color don't matter when it comes to predicting your future. Instead, your bright and slightly moist eyes that show vitality — that is what will bring in the good fortune. If you have arched eyebrows that seem like they're protecting the eyes, you could look forward to a healthy and prosperous future. However, thin or negligible eyebrows could mean that it is much harder for you to attain success.

8. Eighth wealth spot


This spot is usually regarded with luck only once you turn 21 as this is the age the Chinese consider a person to attain maturity. Rounded cheekbones that stand out prominently predict serious wealth that could enter your life. But it is important that your cheekbones remain fleshy, pink and bright, otherwise sallow and dry ones suggest failing health and vitality.


9. Ninth wealth spot


The final wealth spot on your face is your ears and they are another river of your face. When your ears are well-formed, proportionate and just fleshy enough, they indicate good fortune coming your way as well as wisdom. Long, well-defined ears that aren't too fleshy nor too thin indicate being indicted into a higher class and being part of the influential group.





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