Pet Doberman Risks His Own Life to Save Toddler from Venomous Snake, Gets Himself Bitten | But the Hero Pulls Through

Pet Doberman Risks His Own Life to Save Toddler from Venomous Snake, Gets Himself Bitten | But the Hero Pulls Through

Catherine ran to save her daughter from the howling Doberman but the day was already saved and how!

For ages now, pets have been known to have the kind of bond with humans that could not be explained with any logic but love. They spend their entire lives showing how much they care about their owners and living without the little fur-babies becomes unimaginable for them. While there are numerous instances of pet dogs saving their family members from harm, this particular story will make you realize that dogs are angels who could go to any extent to save their loved ones.

Catherine Svillicic adopted a Doberman, Khan, who was rescued from an abusive home, as a companion for her newborn daughter, Charlotte. While she was made aware of his violent tendencies and disturbed past, Catherine had a positive feeling about him and brought him home. In doing so, she saved his life as he was about to be put down by the members of the shelter. She also knew that she did not want another child and yet wanted Charlotte to grow up with a companion.


Initially, Catherine did take her time to introduce Khan with Charlotte as he was a large dog and she was also skeptical about his behavior around a toddler. This doubt arose from the information that she had been given about Khan's past.

She was made aware that when the Doberman was sent to the rescued home, injuries and bruises of his horrific past were all over his body, including broken ribs and other wounds. It was revealed the Khan was under-fed and tortured in his previous home. These incidents had made him violent and there were high chances of him lashing out on anyone around him. But the fact that his life was saved by Catherine and he got a whole new world and a loving family, was not lost on Khan. Therefore, he gradually became best friends with little Charlotte.

They would spend all the time together, frolicking in the back-yard, playing around the house, even sleeping together. Not just that, Khan always had an eye out for Charlotte and was a protective sibling to her. Therefore, when he sensed harm lurking around her, he did not care about his own life before saving hers. Although, Catherine couldn't figure out what was happening and did doubt Khan until she saw the reality.


Charlotte and Khan were playing in the backyard while Catherine was watching over them from the kitchen. Suddenly, she saw Khan nudging Charlotte as she was busy playing. This alarmed Catherine and she started running towards the backyard. Meanwhile, Khan knocked her over, picked her up by the diaper, and appeared to be thrashing her around, reports Give It Love. Catherine ran as fast as she could but she wasn't fast enough. Just when she reached the backyard, the horrified mother saw Khan flinging her toddler daughter to the other end and it stopped her heart.

She had almost lost faith in Khan and had started regretting her decision until she saw why he behaved the way he did. Turns out, what Catherine mistook as an attack on Charlotte was actually a heroic attempt to save her from a grave situation. Reportedly, Khan saved the toddler from a snake that lay hidden right there in their yard. It was a venomous Mulga, one of the most dangerous snakes in the world.


It was Khan who spotted the danger that was about to befall on Charlotte and saved her. But in the process, something tragic did happen. Khan was bitten by the snake. Howling in pain, the loyal Doberman collapsed into Catherine's arms. He was rushed to the hospital but it may have been late for him. While doubters thought Khan would be too aggressive for a toddler, he proved all of them wrong by trading his life to save Charlotte's.

On reaching the hospital, the doctors confirmed that Khan had very slim chances of survival. Even if he does, he would be paralyzed for the rest of his life. However, a hero is a hero regardless of the fight. The brave dog fought back to life again. It was indeed a long night for Catherine and Charlotte when their beloved guardian angel was struggling for survival. But when the news of his sound health was broken to the family, they were elated.


Charlotte did not lose her best friend and protector and every single drop of doubt that Catherine has regarding Khan, was washed away and how!



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