Shot 17 Times, Ears Chopped Off, Blinded and Abandoned: Yet She Survived and Is Now a Therapy Dog

Shot 17 Times, Ears Chopped Off, Blinded and Abandoned: Yet She Survived and Is Now a Therapy Dog

Maggie's story is one of determination and the will to live. She has been through so much and yet survived it all because she was fortunate enough to find a loving home that brought her back to life.

Some people don't deserve pets at all. They are so cruel that there is nothing that can save their soul. Whether the cruelty is addressed towards humans or animals, hurting someone is not okay. Despite the horrible atrocities faced by a dog in the hands of humans, one dog has survived and thrived so much that it became a social media star and a therapy dog.

Maggie, a five-year-old crossbreed, was shot 17 times and her ear was cut off before she was abandoned in Lebanon. She suffered so many atrocities before there was a ray of light to help save her. An online campaign was started by an animal welfare group Wild At Heart Foundation, which is how she found her forever home.


Kasey Carlin from Brighton, UK saw the post and knew instantly that she wanted Maggie. 25-year-old Kasey also has a rescue husky Mishka and they make a happy family.

Kasey, 25, told Sun UK, “I’ve never met a dog like Maggie. She’s just brilliant." She spoke about how she found Maggie, "This person in Lebanon posted asking for help and a woman in London saw the post and got help. Wild At Heart said they would take her in, even though it’s quite hard to get pets out of Lebanon."



Kasey wasn't alone in opening her home to Maggie. Her mom had initially seen the post. "My mum saw Maggie’s post and said we had to foster her. I got home and saw the picture and agreed. She’s so energetic and bubbly. She must have been in agony with all she’s been through but she’s so loving," she said.


She was found last Christmas living on the street while pregnant, blind, missing an ear and with several bullet wounds, according to Yahoo News Australia. She was found tied to a box and her jaw broken, according to Daily Mail. She underwent a vigorous rehabilitation period while at the home run by Wild At Heart. Soon, she was back to her former self: adorable, loving and bubbly. Once she got to Brighton, her training as a therapy dog was started and she passed.


She has had a tough life but it all ended in happiness because she found a family that loves her greatly.

When Kasey met her she was in tears. Maggie's eyes had been sewn shut to stop further damage. "I got in touch with some blind rescue dog charities and asked what to do," Kasey told Daily Mail. The process of teaching her how to live as a blind dog was a long one.


"They said map out the house for her room by room. But we sectioned off the kitchen and the first night she slept in her crate. I took her out to go to the toilet and it was the first time she touched grass," she said. The foster mommy says that people asked her why Maggie was not put down but when they see her play and have fun, they realized that there is so much life in her.

"She must have been in agony with all she's been through, but she never hurt anyone and she's so loving," she said.



Maggie has also become a social media star and in one of the posts, the family said, "Maggie has a heart that loves unconditionally! Her spirit is infectious! She has a big personality."

"Her story catches the hearts of many and reminds us all of our inner strength. Since the first time I met Maggie I knew she would make a great therapy dog if she wanted to be. Thankfully we found a charity that not only uses the healing power of dogs but also teaches the importance of animal welfare," the post further said.


She has a strong spirit that is just not ready to bend down in the face of difficulties and is continuing to thrive, thanks to all the love she gets. There are many others who don't get the help or love and pass on in pain but this dog is an embodiment of resilience.