Guardian Dog Comes to the Rescue of His 10YO Owner and Heroically Saves Her from Getting Kidnapped

Guardian Dog Comes to the Rescue of His 10YO Owner and Heroically Saves Her from Getting Kidnapped

The girl and her dog were out on a walk in their neighbourhood when a stranger appeared and attempted to abduct her. The dog bit the stranger and chased him away from the girl.

People who have pets especially will know that they are not just animals, but a real part of the family. There's probably no other animal than a dog that's more faithful to its master. They may not have the ability to speak but they know when their master is in distress or trouble. An incident reported from Woodbridge Virginia will surely confirm why dogs are given the title, "Man's best friend."

According to People, a 10-year-old girl was saved from a kidnapper by her dear dog. The girl's pet attacked the man and bit him before he ran away. The protective instincts of the dog prevented a mishap from occurring. The reports say that the young girl was out walking her dog at 3:50 pm in the afternoon. The girl who did not go far away from the neighborhood was approached by an unknown man. He grabbed the girl by the hand and tried to abduct her in broad daylight. Her dog who saw the stranger trying to get the girl away immediately jumped to action. It attacked the man, bit him and chased him away. Thanks to the dog, the girl was not injured. 


The statements of the girl were taken by the Prince William County Police Department. The police spokesperson Sgt. Jonathan Perok said to CBS that the dog's bite caused the man to release the child. The suspect was described as a man in his early 20's or late teens weighing around 145 lbs. and under 5-ft., 6-in. The description says that the man had dark hair and goatee. He was seen wearing a white striped shirt and light pants. Police searched the area around the neighborhood and even went door to door inquiring about the kidnapper. 


The incident has frightened the neighborhood. People are in disbelief that it took place at a time when there were people and children on the street. As per reports, during that time of the day, people are usually seen on the streets as many are coming and going to work. One resident told that he wouldn't let his daughter out unsupervised and hoped they would catch the suspect as soon as possible. The residents, however, were thankful that the dog was present to save the girl. The identity of the girl and her family has not been released. 

Something that could have been more than devastating was avoided because of a dog who turned into a protector.




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