Loyal Dog Waits 4 Years by the Road for His Owner to Return only to React Unexpectedly When Reunited

Loyal Dog Waits 4 Years by the Road for His Owner to Return only to React Unexpectedly When Reunited

During his roadside stay he contracted diseases, but he never left the spot.

A dog is a man's best friend is what they say but when it comes to loyalty, your furry four-legged friend will quite possibly give the two-legged friends a run for their money. As wonderful and gratifying as it might be to have the unbound love and loyalty of a dog in your life, it can often be just as heartbreaking when they don't get the same in return. Here's one dog that waited not a few days or weeks, but four long years, for the family that left him, to return and take him home.

The dog was spotted by a local in Thailand who fed him and took him home but he decided to leave and go back to waiting by the road in hopes of seeing his owners again, reports World of Buzz. When the resident fist saw Leo, he was skinny and had contracted skin diseases. She immediately brought him home, fed and nursed him back to health. Leo was still recovering at her home when one day she realized that he is missing. She frantically went looking for him, only to find him at the same spot where she rescued him from.



He stood there by the road, eyes fixated in one direction. Presumably, this was the spot where he separated from his family. After many failed attempts at convincing him to come back home with her, Leo's new owner decided to let him be in his comfortable spot and bring him meals there every day. 




After four long years of constant wait, Leo finally met his owners. After spotting Leo by the road, someone informed the lady taking care of him that he actually belongs to one of his relatives. As per the previous owners, they had brought Leo with them on a road trip when she jumped out of the car. When the realized that their pet was missing they searched the area where he had jumped out but found nothing.

It was when Leo's new owner met his old ones, she was informed that he was originally named BonBon.



However, BonBon's reaction to meeting his real owners was anticlimactic and unexpected. While he was visibly happy and excited to see them after a long time, he somehow did not show interest in returning home with them. Yes! you read that right. BonBon waited for four long years to be reunited with his owners but when he actually did meet them, he did not want to leave his 'new home' by the road, where he had been living for all these years.

Out of respect for his wishes, his owners decided to leave BonBon in his sweet spot with his new owner and promised to visit him every now and then. This story was shared on social media and it touched the hearts of numerous people.




We have heard stories of a dog's loyalty to its owner, and BonBon proved it right once again. In an ever-shifting world of casual relationships and forgettable values, we all need a BonBon in our lives.



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