25 Hilarious Pictures of Dogs Trying to Catch Treats That Are Just Too Precious

25 Hilarious Pictures of Dogs Trying to Catch Treats That Are Just Too Precious

Just when you thought dogs couldn't be funnier, this photographer managed to capture their moments permanently. That too while doing something they love to dp - catching treats!

Watching dogs might just be the best form of entertainment that we have. From giggling when they attempt to chase their tails to full-blown laughing when they sit on someone, they really know how to brighten up our day. Which is probably why photographer Christian Vieler decided to photograph them in one of their funniest moments - trying to catch treats (and failing, sometimes hilariously).

Vieler says, "I started doing the treat shots by accident and chance. I had never seen anything like it before, but I didn’t plan on doing that kind of photography either! Back in 2013 I got myself a flash with a big battery pack for outdoor use. The day my new toy arrived was a rainy one, so I started discovering all flash options in my living room – especially the capability of freezing motion."

Adding, he said, "I wanted to use my own dog Lotte for my test shoots. The problem was, she was (and fortunately still is) a very chilled labrador and didn’t move in front of me. So what gets a lab moving better than a treat?! I started throwing and hit my camera button at the same time ... just to find out the right settings for a 'motion freezing setup.' Days later – when I cleaned my hard drives – I recognized how funny some results turned out. That was the birth of 'Dogs Catching Treats.'"

Each photograph captures the interesting personalities of the dogs and you can see it too. So enjoy the array of wide eyes, open mouths and excited faces of dogs trying to catch their treats. 

1. Must. Follow. Treat. With. My. Eyes.


2. Mom! It's chasing me!


3. Mmm... Treats


4. When life is giving you treats but you starting contemplating your existence


5. Chomp chomp!


6. One for the mouth of two


7. I got it! I got it! I got it!


8. To catch or not to catch


9. "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse"


10. Hmmm... tastes like mint


11. When the treat takes a quick shower


12. I can't see my treat yet but I'm still excited about it!


13. Too many choices!


14. Almost there, buddy


15. I don't care about your treat...(no wait, I do care)


16. Go get your own!


17. Just one nice big smile


18. Attack of the munchies


19. It's on the tip of his tongue


20. "What did the beef jerky say? Oh no he didn't"


21. Move along guys... nothing to see here


22. It wasn't supposed to fall!


23. The suspect is a tiny, brown chicken treat. It's headed straight for the dog!


24. The 1980s called... they want their style back


25. Well, they know how to bridge the gap


Documenting the pictures since 2013, Vieler has even a compiled a book called Treat! that is available for sale.




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