Premature Baby Girl Dumped in Drain Shown Better Care and Concern by Stray Dogs Than Humans | Rescued by the Pack

Premature Baby Girl Dumped in Drain Shown Better Care and Concern by Stray Dogs Than Humans | Rescued by the Pack

The dogs have more love for little children than other humans do. They saved the premature baby girl, who had been just left there.

Stray dogs always get a bad reputation for being unruly and out of control, especially in parts of Asia and Africa. People think of them as feral and carriers of disease, but they are just as sensitive as pets. They are as in tune with humans as any dog living at home with a family. This story of a pack of stray dogs will warm your heart and change your mind about them. 

A pack of dogs found a baby girl thrown in a sewage drain in the state of Haryana in northern India and "saved" her. The newborn girl was a premature one and born after seven months. When she was found in the sewage drain, where she was dumped only a few hours after birth, she was wrapped in a plastic bag. The entire incident was caught on camera.


The dogs saved the baby miraculously by pulling her out of the drain and barking to get people's attention. Locals and passersby were alerted and informed the police once they realized that the plastic bag was moving because there was a child inside it, reported The Times of India

Three dogs can be seen in the CCTV video moving the plastic bag in the drain.  They drag the bag aside even as a biker rides past but doesn't take notice of what the dogs are up to. The baby was found around 4.00 am after being dumped there by a woman, against whom the police have registered a case.


"The child is undergoing treatment at the Civil Hospital," police told IANS. The baby sustained head injuries after being dropped from a height. The doctor said that the baby was most likely premature. She weighs less than 1,100 grams and her condition was serious when taken to the hospital. The doctors have been unable to transfer her to a bigger hospital as a shift could be life-threatening. 

"We are trying to establish the identity of the woman, who will be charged under relevant sections of the IPC (Indian Penal Code)," the police official added. The dog was found in the Dogri gate area of Kaithal town. 


This is not the first time that a baby has been found abandoned in the northern state of Haryana in India. In April this year, a two-and-a-half-month-old baby girl was found abandoned near an industrial plot. A slum-dweller found the child and informed the police, according to The Tribune. This is also not the first time that dogs have saved a child from abandonment. 

In 2016, stray dogs had saved the life of a baby girl abandoned in a dumpster in the eastern state of West Bengal in India. After discovering the baby, they sat guard around her and protected her from other predators while waiting for some help to come by, according to the Indian Express. A schoolteacher found the child crying behind the bushes. The child had been covered in a pink wrap while the dogs sat guard. Once the child was found, locals arrived to help her by reporting to the police. 






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