Donald Trump's Ex-Wife Ivana Thinks He Was "Careless" Even as She Worries Over His Health | “It’s a Very Difficult Time”

Donald Trump's Ex-Wife Ivana Thinks He Was "Careless" Even as She Worries Over His Health | “It’s a Very Difficult Time”

President Trump was taken to Walter Reed Hospital on the afternoon of Friday, October 2, after he announced his and Melania Trump's illness on Twitter.

Source: Getty Images | Photo by (L) Drew Angerer, (R) Noam Galai

The President of The United States, Donald Trump, shocked everyone when he made the early-morning announcement on Twitter on October 2 that he and the first lady, Melania Trump, have tested positive for the novel coronavirus, according to CBS News.



He wrote that Melania Trump and he would start quarantining immediately and will get through it "together." The first lady echoing the President wrote that they are "feeling good & I have postponed all upcoming engagements. Please be sure you are staying safe & we will all get through this together."



Even though the White House physician, Dr. Sean Conley said that President Trump can carry out his duties "without disruption while recovering," his ex-wife Ivana Trump is worried about his health and has been keeping an eye on the updates. While talking to People, she said, “It’s a very difficult time. It’s a stress.”


Giving details about how she's been in touch with her three children, referring to Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and Ivanka Trump, whom she shares with the President, she revealed, “I spoke to all my kids and they, of course, are worried."



The President, 74, was taken to the Walter Reed Hospital on the afternoon of October 2, Friday, after he announced his illness. According to the reports of The Associated Press, Dr. Conley said that President Trump "remains in good spirits, has mild symptoms" and will be under observation for a few days.


NY Times reported that the White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said, "The president’s vitals over the last 24 hours were very concerning and the next 48 hours will be critical in terms of his care." He added that they're still not clear how his road to "full recovery" would be like.


The news of the President contracting the virus comes almost seven months into the pandemic while he was traveling around the country on his campaign tour. He often dismissed practicing safety measures and was seen without a mask.



Even on the day of the debate, Tuesday, September 29, President Trump mocked his opponent Joe Biden for wearing a mask so often which Ivana Trump found "careless." She said, “He was careless. He didn’t think it would happen to him.”

She added, “It was catastrophic on both sides. Donald was not well, and Biden was not well at all, so it was just a horrible, horrible debate. I don’t know what people took out of it, but it left me totally empty.”

She added that The President is “the cleanest, healthiest person" and so it was "a little bit of a shock” when she heard of the news of her ex-husband being infected by the novel coronavirus.

Adding about his biggest weakness, she said, “Not healthiest with food, but very healthy otherwise—always washes his hands and always is careful. His only weakness is food. He likes the Big Mac—it’s his biggest weakness.”

According to People, Dr. Conley on Saturday, October 3, told the reporters outside Walter Reed Hospital even though President Trump has preconditions that might risk his condition, he has “great” cholesterol and blood pressure. He added, “He's 74, he's male, and he is slightly overweight. Other than that, he's very healthy.”

But on Sunday, October 4, according to the latest reports by CBS News, the President's doctors confirmed that he was given the steroid dexamethasone after he experienced a drop in oxygen levels on Saturday. The World Health Organization has recommended dexamethasone for those who are "critically ill" with COVID-19.

Even though Ivana Trump revealed earlier that she gets daily updates on the President's health from her kids, she refused to divulge any more details saying that she wasn't aware of his current health status. She said, “I just hope he’s going to get out of it and be healthy but who knows what will happen, because I don’t know anything about this virus and nobody else does and nobody knows how to cure it.”


President Trump's health has definitely left her feeling "afraid" as she said, “I’m going to be afraid until he gets well and he gets out of it.” But it has not staggered her belief that he would win this election as well. She said, “He will win,” and added, “There’s no question about it.”