Dog Chapman Honors Beth on Their 14th Wedding Anniversary & His Dear Daughter Barbara Who Died a Day Before His Wedding

Dog Chapman Honors Beth on Their 14th Wedding Anniversary & His Dear Daughter Barbara Who Died a Day Before His Wedding

Chapman's daughter Barbara Chapman, aged 23, died a day before he married Beth on May 20, 2006.

Birthdays and anniversaries become bittersweet when your loved one is not around anymore. While you are grateful for the time you had with them, you can't help feel the pain come back all the more when it is a special day. We remember all the little ways they made a difference to us and the big things we learned from them.

For Duane Dog Chapman, remembering his late wife Beth on what would have been his 14th wedding anniversary was tougher than he could imagine.

He lost her on June 26, 2019, just a few weeks after they would have spent their 13th anniversary together. In 2020, he had to spend the day alone yet again knowing she is not coming back. On May 20, 2006, they had gotten married right after a tragic loss in the family. Just a day before his wedding to Beth, he lost his daughter, Barbara Katy Chapman, who was only 23. She died in a car accident on May 19, 2006. 

On May 20, 2006, he received blessings from the rest of his 10 children to get married. This year, he honored both the women who left him too soon in touching Instagram posts, reports Fox News. For Beth, he wrote, "She said Big Daddy your going to be so sad when I am not here on our next anniversary why did she have to be so right ??" He posted this message with a photo of himself and Beth, who is smiling at the camera.


Leland Chapman's wife, Jamie, wished Duane on the post saying, "Happy Anniversary! I know little momma is watching you from above!" His other followers also followed suit with their wishes. One said, "I feel the same my husband died at 49 and I use to talk to Beth and she told me I would find every anniversary hard I do but your in love again. She sent her to you to heal your heart [sic]" 

Another follower said, "She wrapping her arms around you today. Sending extra prays today dog!!" A follower, who also lost his wife, told Duane, "I know how you feel Mr. Chapman. Next week it will be 3 years since my wife passed." 


For his daughter Barbara, he shared a post of her holding her baby Travis with the caption, "15 years ago today My Barbara Katie went to be w/ JESUS." Barbara looks ethereal in the photo taken from behind a curtain. The beautiful young woman looked like the epitome of motherly love as she held her baby looking into the newborn's eyes. Dog's other daughter, Cecily, commented on this touching photo of her sister and said, "She's with mom now." 


The bounty hunter's followers voiced their support to him as he honored his child, who was taken too soon. One follower said, "You've had a lot of heartache over the years... I'm so glad you've found happiness again, you deserve it." While another one said, "Beth will be looking after her now." His fans are always by his side in his time of need. "For one man you have had so much heartache, sending the biggest hug in the world ever," said another. 


Duane has found love again with girlfriend Francie Fane, but Beth is never far from his thoughts. On May 10, he honored his former partner in bounty hunting and life partner, by sharing a photo of her on Instagram. Along with the photo, he wrote, "I am DOG Chapman chiracahua Apache The best Bounty Hunter in the world I am the husband of Beth Chapman And I miss her so much." 


The 67-year-old reality star feels that he is lucky to have found his new girlfriend, who has been a shoulder to lean on during this period of loss. She, too, had lost her husband a few months before Beth had died. The Colorado native has been approved by the bounty hunter's family, and they believe that she has been sent to him by Beth. 






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