Moon Angell Rejects Duane Dog Chapman's Marriage Proposal | "I Love You and Beth as My Friends," She Says

Moon Angell Rejects Duane Dog Chapman's Marriage Proposal | "I Love You and Beth as My Friends," She Says

Dog Chapman shocked fans when he was seen proposing marriage to Moon Angell. Moon's response has been revealed in the new Dr.Oz show.

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"Will Moon Angell accept Dog Chapman's proposal?" is the question we left you with the last time we brought a video of Dog proposing his and his late wife Beth's close friend Moon. While the previous video clip from Dr. Oz show did not show her response, his full interview from the same show is out and it shows Moon turning down the bounty hunter's proposal, The Sun reported.

The interview saw Dog reveal that Beth always wanted to see him happy. Earlier, he had also revealed that he is the kind of man who can't live without a woman by his side. Therefore, he turned towards his rumored girlfriend sitting next to him on the show and suddenly popped the question.


He said, "And I didn't tell you I was going to do this, but this is the Dr. Oz Show. I think this will put a stop to a lot of this. Moon Angell, will you marry me?" Moon clearly looked shocked by this and with certain disbelief on her face uttered, "What?"


Dog asked her again, "What are you saying?" She then responded, "We're friends, I love you as a friend. I don't see you as that, I love you and Beth as my friends." She added, "I can't marry you, at this very moment, I don't see you as that." It was then Dr. Oz and Dog revealed it was a stunt to prove to the audience the two were just friends.


Putting the rumors to rest he also clarified that Moon and he are not dating and are just friends. Although he didn't slash down the possibility of getting married to Moon one day. He revealed that if they grow closer over time and if his family was OK with their relationship, he will contemplate getting married to her.



Dr. Oz asked, "If Lyssa [Dog's elder daughter] was okay with it, and this relationship got stronger, would you ask Moon to marry you?" To which Dog responded with a quick "Yes!"

Therefore, it still seems a little premature to rule out the reports that stated that the couple is in a romantic relationship. This premise could be proved accurate by Dog's next statement in which he implied that there might have been a time when he fell for Moon. "I've read studies where some men fall in love with their wife's best friends," he explained.

But Moon was not on board yet again and she answered, "I think he's an amazing human being and I've known him before he was famous." She added, "He's always been my friend but I can't see myself looking past that."

Well, based on this interview it would be safe to say that Dog Chapman is not dating Moon Angell right now, but who knows what the future holds!