Elderly Couple Die While Rescuing Their Pets From a House Fire | They ‘Didn’t Make It Out’

Elderly Couple Die While Rescuing Their Pets From a House Fire | They ‘Didn’t Make It Out’

"They loved animals and even rescued them all the way till their passing."

The house that Carol Carty, 81, and James Carty, 82, stayed in burst into flames on the night of July 31st, 2022. This was the house that the couple had lived in for over five decades with their pets. When the fire first erupted, the elderly couple tried their best to save their beloved pets from the fire. 

Eventually, firefighters got the couple out of the house and rushed them to a local hospital. But unfortunately, they did not make it. Their pets also died in the fire, according to ABC7

After smelling smoke, neighbors said they called the fire department at around 10:30 pm. Within half an hour, the San Bernardino County Fire Department responded. However, the cause of the fire still remains a mystery.

"They know everybody, no one's a stranger to them," said James Carty Jr. "I think they died trying to save their animals, trying to save their cats, and their little dogs." Their daughter, Jennifer Carty-Finger said she believes her parents would have survived, had they not spent time trying to rescue their pets. 



"We believe they were trying to save the pets and animals they had in the house first and unfortunately didn't make it out," the couple's grandson, Brian, said in a GoFundMe that has been set up to raise money for their funeral costs. He added that his grandparents loved animals and while growing up they always rescued animals because "it was just something they truly cared for." He mentioned that his grandparents loved animals so much that they "rescued them all the way till their passing."

He shared that his generous and kind grandparents "helped out the community by always donating clothes, furniture, and other stuff to the local goodwills and salvation armies." Brian added that his grandparents would go out of their way even for a random stranger.

Speaking about the tragic incident, Brian said that it "hit us unexpectedly and it still doesn't feel real at all" adding that any help 

Brian then wrote that his grandparents "were loving, caring and friendly people, who would take the shirt off their backs for a random stranger. this tragedy ... if there's anyone out there that is willing to help us pay to lay my grandparents to rest peacefully it would truly mean the world to my family and I."



He added that Carol and James were "amazing souls" and were "loved by all the neighbors." Brian also said, "they loved every single person they cared about and talked too [sic]." 

Here's hoping the family finds peace and solace during a tough time like this. 




Cover Image Source: GoFundMe | Grandparents Funeral

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