Elsa Pataky Candidly Reminds Us That Happy Marriages Need "Constant Work" | "Nothing Is as Easy and Perfect as It Looks"

Elsa Pataky Candidly Reminds Us That Happy Marriages Need "Constant Work" | "Nothing Is as Easy and Perfect as It Looks"

In a candid confession, the mother-of-three revealed that her marriage with Chis Hemsworth involves "a lot of work" just like any strong marriage.

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The first step towards a happy and long-lasting relationship is understanding that it takes effort from both partners to sustain it. More often than not, we tend to expect too much from our relationship without making substantial contributions to it. There will be times when your partner will not be in a condition to give their 100% and vice versa but balancing is also a key aspect in making the relationship formidable.

Hollywood heartthrob Chris Hemsworth tied the knot with model Elsa Pataky back in 2010 and they went on to be the parents of three children - India, 7 and 5-year-old twins Sasha and Tristan. While they have never let their age-gap - Pataky is 7 years older to Hemsworth - be a barrier in their love, they too face marital struggles like any other couple.


In a candid interview, Pataky opened up about the challenges they face in their marriage and how they manage to still keep the spark alive. While most of us could think that the perks of being celebrities might ease their lives, she insists that they face the same challenges that any married couple faces, in fact, she revealed that they have faced "every possible challenge."


"Chris and I got married very quickly, we had children very early, and we were young, so we’ve thrown every possible challenge at our marriage," told the 43-year-old.


Through her confessions, she dished out a very important tip that could be helpful for every married couple that is going through a hard time in their relationship. It also shows that being successful does not mean that feelings should take a back seat, in fact, successful people might need to try harder to be together and work around each other's time, availability, mood, etc.


"A marriage is constant work because that initial infatuation dies down over the years and you both have to work the rest of your lives to keep the love alive and become one person," she added.


She went on to say, "Of course there are lots of ups and downs and it’s a lot of work, but if there is love and respect for the other person, you can overcome anything." This statement of hers perfectly sums up their feeling for each other. When two people love each other and want to stay together, they do not shy away from walking that extra mile or putting that extra effort to make sure that their bond does not fall apart.


The model then went on to talk about the parenting aspect of their relationship and confessed that parenting, just like marriage, is tough. But they make sure to give their best and do whatever it takes to be good parents.

"Nothing is as easy and perfect as it looks," Pataky said. "We have those moments where we shout at the kids and then we feel like horrible parents and we have to work at being a couple like everyone else." She added, "There are those moments where you fight, and I think you have to put a lot of effort into [your marriage]. As much effort as you put into your work, you have to put into your marriage and into being a dad and a mum."



The model-turned-producer also went on to recall a time when their little ones asked Hemsworth, 36, why they spend so much time on the phone when they are at home, which made them "so guilty," reports Metro.

"It’s so crazy how even your kids have to come and say that," she confessed.

After going through their daily challenges for a long time, Hemsworth announced that he will be taking a sabbatical from his career to spend more time with his family and we totally understand why.


We wish the couple a lifetime of love and togetherness!