Together for Almost 18 Years, Enrique Iglesias Reveals How He Wrote A Song To Win Anna Kournikova Back After They Broke Up

Together for Almost 18 Years, Enrique Iglesias Reveals How He Wrote A Song To Win Anna Kournikova Back After They Broke Up

Anna Kournikova retired from professional tennis in 2003 and now, loves being a mother to their 19-months-old twins.

Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias and tennis star Anna Kournikova's tumultuous relationship had been splashed across the newspapers in the early 2000s when they had just started dating. However, since becoming parents to twins, the beautiful pair keeps a low profile. While things are sailing smoothly now, it wasn't the case before. Since 2002, when they confirmed they were in a relationship, they have had their rough patches and even broke up twice, only to get back together again later.


When they met in 2001, he was already a sensation, and she was invited to be a part of his music video for the song Escape. "She's independent, she's beautiful, she's funny," Enrique would say later about the tennis star, according to Hola US. When the video was released, they became a sought after celebrity couple. Their first official outing as a couple was an awards ceremony and they fawned over each other throughout. Soon, she moved in with him, and two years after meeting him she retired from professional tennis, at the age of 22.


However, there was a time when they decided to go in different directions. To win the athlete back, he wrote Enamorado Por Primera Vez. Everything else is history since the couple is still together. "There was one time - well two times actually - that she told me 'that's enough, I'm done'," he said, reports Hola US. "And I remember - and this is the truth - that I wrote this song to say sorry. Writing is my therapy." 


The couple is not a traditional one and acknowledges that but that doesn't make them any less dedicated to each other. "When you have been with someone for such a long time, I don't think a wedding is going to make a difference," said the singer during an interview. "It won't make us happier."  In the same interview, Anna added, "Marriage is not a priority for me." However, even then she expressed that she wanted children.


Their twins Nicholas and Lucy were born on December 16th, 2017. As private people, her kids, Nicholas and Lucy, were born without the world coming to know about it first. Much later, when they were a month old the parents introduced them through their social media. The world gets to see the happy couple's updates about their children through social media and it is adorable.


Now, they have been together for 17 years and are parenting 19-months-old twins. Kournikova, who has been working since she was 14, retired to focus on her family. Now, motherhood is where she finds her happiness. "I love being a mum. I absolutely wanted to have children, whether I had my own or adopted. I love taking care of people," she said, reports Sun UK.


The singer opened up about his relationship troubles at a concert in Hungary and that is not all he shared with his fans. He gave a rare insight into fatherhood too
"I've been with my girlfriend for 17 years. We've had good times and bad times," he revealed. "Moments when I wanted to end it. (When I thought) 'I can't take it anymore," he said. "I became a father 12 weeks ago," he told the crowd, according to Hola US. "And I can absolutely tell you two things, without the slightest doubt, I love my babies. Actually, three things, I love my girl, and I love you guys for being here tonight."


The family likes to spend as much time together as possible and that is the key to their success, says Hola US. One of the ways they spend time together is by sailing on their yacht with their kids and their dogs Max and Jack.

 "I'm fortunate enough at this time of my career that I can pick my schedule, and make sure that I'm not away from the house more than two weeks in a row," said Iglesias to the British Press, as quoted by Hola US.




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