Many Men Regret Losing the Women Who Got Tired of Waiting for Them to Get Their Act Together

Many Men Regret Losing the Women Who Got Tired of Waiting for Them to Get Their Act Together

A woman is patient, calm and understanding, she is never afraid of giving her all in a relationship. But when she is done, she is done.

"What is better than wisdom? Woman. What is better than a good woman? Nothing." - Chaucer

A woman's love is like gold, it only grows valuable with time. She is a nurturer, a keeper and a hopeless romantic. But that in no way means that she will not turn her back to you when she feels unwanted or uncelebrated.

Gone are the days when women were pressurized and tricked into believing that they are insufficient, unfree, weak, and incapable. Today's woman knows that she is a house of pure feminine energy, fierce in whatever she decides to do. Her inherent compassionate instincts drive her to love fiercely, with no conditions and apprehensions but over time, she has also realized that there is nothing bigger than self-love.


While in a  relationship, she will give her all to it, from saying the first sorry to waiting for her partner's messages all day long to forgiving him when does not show up for dinner, etc., most men consider her generosity and patience as a sign of weakness and start taking her for granted.

But when she decides to stop waiting, nothing can ever change her mind. It is said that we realize the value of a person when they are gone; a woman will make you regret your decision of letting her go, every moment of your life.

There are many counter-arguments as well that ask "if a woman is adequate in herself why does she put up with a man that does not reciprocate?" Well, a woman is an eternal optimist, she not only loves you for you, but she loves you for what you could become.


She toils through turbulence in her relationship sometimes just because she hopes to see her man change and become a better version of himself. Her unconditional love also stops her from abandoning the love of her life as she knows that no one could love him the way she does.

But there is nothing that could suppress the fire than burns within her, that has the power to demolish her self-doubts and the disrespect she has been getting. When she realizes that she deserves more, that her efforts are not being reciprocated, she turns back never to return. She embarks on a new journey of self-awakening and no temporary emotions or hollow promises could bring her back to the dark pits of sorrow.

"She went looking for a lighthouse and found herself instead. Now she can light the way for others." - Jon Lupin


The moment she experiences the beauty of life without the man who brought only negativity in her life, she will never open her heart for him again. No matter how much a man may try to win her back or become a better person, she will never open the door.

Most men blame her after she is gone. They stroke their ego by labeling her, calling her the wrong woman but they know deep withing that it is their loss. They try to hide the guilt by pointing fingers at her but now that she is gone, she does not care!

Why would you miss her, you ask? Because she loved you when no one did, she stood by you during the darkest phase of your life, she accepted you for who you are, she believed in you when nobody did and she forgave you even when you broke her heart.

But you could not reciprocate, you could not return the love because you were not sure if she is who you want. You let her go, you pushed her away. But now that she is gone, she will never come back and you could never cope up with the fact that it is your fault.

Disclaimer: This article is based on insights from different sources. The views expressed here are those of the writer.

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