Mom of Eight Breaks into Tears as Ex-Husband Proposes to Her on Christmas Eve | The Family that Was Torn Apart Reunites in Glee

Mom of Eight Breaks into Tears as Ex-Husband Proposes to Her on Christmas Eve | The Family that Was Torn Apart Reunites in Glee

They went through a hard time during their marital phase but later they realized that they are meant to be together, forever!

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Finding love for the second time in life is special. But finding love by falling in love with the same person again is a blessing. Jeffrey and Lorrie Agan were blessed in a similar way on Christmas eve. 

They fell in love as a young couple, got married in 1989, and spent 25 years together, reports Buzzfeed.  The couple went on to have a large family of eight kids. 

Recollecting the time they met, their son Jeffery Argon Jr. said, "They originally got married in an electronics store, because they were too poor to afford a proper wedding. They fought, separated, divorced, and it tore the family apart. Each of us felt like we had to cope with the destruction in different ways and on our own." 





Believing that the healthiest decision at the time was to separate, the couple split in 2014. They knew that they needed the time and space to focus on their individual mental and emotional health.

“Both of my parents each went on a separate journey for self-renewal,” Jeff told. For Jeffrey Sr., that involved going back to school for nursing after working for 20 years as a truck driver, getting physically fit by working out, and spending time writing poetry. Lorrie “found peace in nature through meditation and self-empowerment.”

The more they began to heal individually, the more they began to feel free from resentment, anger, and pain. And they began to relate to each other as friends once again. 




This couple's journey is a beautiful example of how happiness begins with self-love. When we are in a constant battle with ourselves, it has an immediate impact on our primary relationships.  Similarly, the more we establish healthy boundaries and focus on self-care and healing, it has a positive impact on our relationships. 


Once they felt comfortable with each other, they resumed the relationship. And this time, they made sure to put their all to win back the trust and good faith.  In fact, Jeffery Sr. wrote a poem for Lorrie. It was the framed version of this poem with which Jeffery Sr. proposed Lorrie on Christmas eve.

"No one knew Dad had planned the proposal, and the detail and love he put into it," Jeffrey Jr. said, "but I read the situation quickly as it was happening, and I pulled out my phone and caught a great recording!"

In the video which is now viral,  Lorrie could be seen asking "Is it a pizza?" before opening it, breaking down in tears, and hugging her soon-to-be husband, with glee. Her reaction shows how love, when nurtured, can fill your life with joy. Their kids were elated to see their parents reunite. The family is also receiving massive support and love from the netizens who seem totally inspired by the story of the couple.








However, it is not very common among divorced couples to start a life together again. Therefore, Lorrie and Jeff deserve their share of lauding for believing in each other and inspiring many people.




"We’re wanting to throw them a dream wedding, to thank them for all the sacrifices they’ve made for us kids," Jeff Jr. said. "My family is all very happy and overwhelmed with love right now," he added. "A family torn apart made whole again!"

Junior has also launched a Gofundme page to request people to support their wedding. "Things were hard, tight, and tough for us as a family, but we never went hungry and they’ve spent so much time trying to dig us out of the dirt. They’ve invested in our success and our futures at the expense of their own wants and needs. I’ve made a Gofundme in response to requests to create one, so people can contribute to their wedding. I’m blown away by the support!"