No Matter How Long You've Been Together, It Is Okay to Expect These 8 Things From Your Partner on Feb.14th & Every Day

No Matter How Long You've Been Together, It Is Okay to Expect These 8 Things From Your Partner on Feb.14th & Every Day

Weeks, months, or years, it doesn't matter how long ago you found each other. There are just some things that you want from your partner that you can't put a price on.

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Valentine's Day is usually associated with chocolates, gifts, and dates. But for you, there's something else you want from your partner, no matter how long you've been together. It's not like you don't enjoy getting a huge teddy bear or being taken to the fanciest restaurant on this special day. However, when you're celebrating a long-term relationship, these 8  things are important, every day, not only on February 14th.

1. To be listened to with empathy

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Sometimes, it can be hard to sort through your own emotions. So you just want to let it all out to your partner even if they don't say anything. But it isn't just that you want to be heard. You want your partner to empathize with you, the way you've done for them so many times. You want to be able to share the burden with this person that you've come to trust over the years.

2. To have your feelings validated

Your feelings aren't insignificant to you and they shouldn't be to your partner either. You want your partner to be able to see the pain you're in and hold you, or feel the same joy as you when you achieve something that you're proud of. And you know they're truly listening when their full attention is on you. Knowing that your partner is there with you emotionally can go a long way in making you feel like you're home. 


3. To be appreciated

You don't expect extreme flattery from your partner but a few compliments and acknowledgment for all the effort made in a relationship would make anyone feel appreciated. Being told why you make them happy or being thanked for supporting them through even the hard times proves that they respect and love you for who you are. To others, this might seem meaningless, but for the two of you, it will only strengthen your bond.

4. To be given some time for yourself

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You might have been working yourself to the bone with household chores and running errands. So all you ask for is a bit of time to yourself to just recharge and relax. You would like your partner to give you that momentary relief and take over for a while so that you don't have to "mom", "sister", "daughter" or "wife" for a while. You can just be "you". Besides, absence makes the heart fonder.

5. To be pampered for once

Who doesn't like a bit of pampering? Whether it's a short foot massage or being served breakfast in bed, being showered with that kind of affection is something that would make anyone feel loved and valued. You're aware that they too must be exhausted but just for one day at least, some pampering can go a long way. After all, that massage could really help you get back on your feet for a fresh round of responsibilities.


6. To be taken out for a simple outing

While a fancy restaurant might sound great, you'd rather go for a walk on the beach or sit on the swings in the park late at night with your partner. It's these simple outings that help create more meaningful memories, ones that can't be sullied by even the worst fights you have with each other. These special moments are the kind that would bring two people who have been together for long more closer.

7. To spend more time with each other

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With life going by so fast and work and managing the household taking over so much of your lives, it can be difficult to make time for each other and spend actual quality time with your spouse. So for this romantic day, you'd want to maybe take a trip down memory lane and relive the moments that brought you closer years ago, or even simply enjoy the feeling of being held in each other's arms. After all, you both came together with love and it's times like these that remind you of that beautiful warm feeling.


8. To be given a small but meaningful gift

"It's the thought that counts." That saying has never been truer than on a day such as Valentine's Day. You just want your partner to gift you something that is meaningful. It doesn't matter if it's big or small, tangible or intangible. It doesn't even matter how expensive it is. The amount of thought put into the surprise is what will make it truly valuable. Gifts like a locket with a photograph of someone close to your heart, or perhaps a trip to your family home is proof that they truly know and care about you.

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