This Family Opts to Have Sandwiches for Christmas Dinner To Ensure All Their Farm Animals Don't Go Hungry

This Family Opts to Have Sandwiches for Christmas Dinner To Ensure All Their Farm Animals Don't Go Hungry

The family has 54 animals to feed on their community farm, apart from their own children.

Every year during this time we hear many heartwarming stories of kindness and empathy which makes us root for humanity and love again. But there are some people who go all out of their way to make the world a better place. They are the ones who keep the essence of God alive in them and spill it in the world when needed.

A family from Grimsby, United Kingdom is doing just that by dedicating their life to the many animals they have sheltered on their farm. Neil Campbell and Jo Holbrook-Morris, who both claim Universal Credit are living on just £175 a week, reports The Sun.


The family has put all its savings into a community farm project on Nunsthorpe Estate, Grimsby. All of them are animal lovers and they wanted to have the animals around, nurture them, and make them a part of their own family. But as the family grew, it got tougher on Neil and Jo to feed and support all of them.

With 54 animals to feed, including donkeys, sheep, pigs, goats, and chickens, as well as bills to pay and their own children to care for, the family says it will be left eating sandwiches on Christmas day, claims The Sun.

But how can parents not fulfill their children's needs? So they did get Christmas gifts for their two kids Olivia, 6 and Monty, 10 but they couldn't afford a hearty festive dinner.


Neil said, "At the moment we are really struggling, we have put everything that we had into setting up the farm, but due to the delays that we have had with planning, we have been forced onto Universal Credit." He added, "I just hope that we can get this sorted soon, so that we can get the Nunny's Farm properly up and running."


Jo said that while they have made sure that their kids have presents this Christmas, she and Neil will be going without anything, as they do not have the funds. She said, "Now we know what it is like to live on nothing, we have got used to going without." She added, "We have sold everything that we can possibly sell to keep ourselves going, but we just don't know how long we can last like this."


"At the minute, it looks like we will just be having sandwiches this Christmas, because we can't afford anything else after making sure that our kids have presents and are well cared for."

With people like them in the world, humanity and kindness are far from being dead. We wish their life takes a positive turn this Christmas!




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