Filmmaker Robert Downey Sr. Dies at 85 After "Enduring the Ravages of Parkinson’s," Says Son Robert Downey Jr.

Filmmaker Robert Downey Sr. Dies at 85 After "Enduring the Ravages of Parkinson’s," Says Son Robert Downey Jr.

The "true maverick filmmaker" passed away peacefully in his sleep.

Renowned filmmaker and actor Robert Downey Sr. died on July 6, 2021. He was 85 years old at the time of death. His death was confirmed by his son and Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr. with a heartfelt Instagram tribute, reports LA Times.

In the post, he shared, "RIP Bob D. Sr. 1936-2021…Last night, dad passed peacefully in his sleep after years of enduring the ravages of Parkinson’s ..he was a true maverick filmmaker, and remained remarkably optimistic throughout.. According to my stepmoms calculations, they were happily married for just over 2000 years."

"Rosemary Rogers-Downey, you are a saint, and our thoughts and prayers are with you," he added. Downey Sr. is survived by son Downey Jr., daughter Allyson Downey and wife Rosemary Rogers-Downey.


The veteran actor and filmmaker is best known for Putney Swope and Greaser's Palace. He also appeared in movies like Boogie Nights, Magnolia and To Live and Die in L.A, reports CNN.

According to The New York Times, Downey Sr. (born Robert John Elias Jr.) was born on June 24, 1936, in Manhattan and grew up in Rockville Centre, on Long Island. He has always been someone to stay away from the press, but in 2001, he spoke about his son, who was facing drug charges at the time, in an interview with the New York Post.

“I have a lot of hope. If he can stay focused and beat this, he can help himself and a lot of other people through his example," Downey Sr. said at the time. “Life is too easy when you’re a movie star. People will do anything you want and get you anything you want. Hollywood is a horrible place.”


Similarly, in 2014, the Oscar-nominated actor discussed his relationship with his father while promoting his film, The Judge, which was about a feuding father and son.

"Because he didn't have a 'regular job,' he wasn't going to a studio, he wasn't directing a TV series; I remember a lot of times he was just home writing," Downey Jr. told USA TODAY. "Actually much more so than a lot of my friends, there was a lot of time we'd spend together. I'm remembering now him being more intimate and loving."

May your soul rest in peace, Robert Downey Sr.






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