Fun Test: What Does Your Face Shape Reveal About Your Personality?

Fun Test: What Does Your Face Shape Reveal About Your Personality?

People might find your eyes friendly or mysterious when they see you, but what do they find out from the shape of your face?

Since we look at ourselves every day in the mirror, there are things that we don't often notice. Sure we might look at the dark circles from lack of sleep or the blackheads on our nose, but have you paused to just look at your face without scrutinizing over the minor details? People perceive you based on the first impression your face makes on them. 

Have you noticed, when you meet somebody for the first time, your mind tries to guess what kind of person they might be? The same happens when someone meets you as well. According to Cosmopolitan, author of The Wisdom of Your Face and an accomplished face reader, Jean Haner says, "Your face shape tends to reveal your basic personality and your overall approach to life." Here are some face shapes and the things perceived by others at first glance.

1. Round Face

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According to The Skin Care Edit, a round face has equal length and width with a rounded jaw. People with this face shape come across as friendly and kind. People are drawn to your innocence. You always put others first and don't prioritize your own needs. You are kind and considerate, but sometimes people tend to take advantage of you. Giving without receiving is not as healthy as it is made to seem. Learn to prioritize yourself and your needs so that you feel content from within.

2. Oval Face


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Oval faces have a narrower jaw and the length of the face is more than the width. People around you find you mysterious yet comforting to be around.  You have the superpower of using the right words to make others feel good. You often look out for others but don't try hard to impress anyone. Honesty matters more to you than anything else. You are unafraid to rock the boat and challenge anyone who treats you or your loved ones with disrespect.

3. Diamond Face

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The cheeks are prominent in a diamond-shaped face since the forehead and the chin are pointed. You are perceived as an articulate and honest person by others. You are a perfectionist and deliver excellent results in whatever you do. You hate sugarcoating your words and appreciate being straightforward. You hate fake people and would rather be alone than surrounded by those who are not genuine. 

4. Rectangular Face

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A rectangular face aka oblong face is squared off at the forehead and the chin, but is longer than the square face. You come out as someone with a strong personality, who has the power to be a natural leader. Logical, strategic, and efficient, you like taking practical steps to resolve conflicts. However, you also have an emotional side that you allow only your closest ones to see. While many assume that you are way too objective, you actually care deeply about people. But you don't express it as much as others.

5. Triangular Face

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Defined by a narrow forehead and a wide jawline, people with triangular faces initially come out as sensitive but once you get to know them they are a ball of fire! According to Haner, "This shape means you usually want to be in charge and the more narrow your forehead is at toward the top of the person’s head, the more they have to be in control.” But, the determined and driven nature helps you grow in all aspects of life.

6. Square Face

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The square face has a wide forehead and a strong jawline; the length and width of your face match. People love you for your high energy, wit, and friendly nature. While some might find your blunt honesty to be rude, others appreciate it and see you as a strong individual. You detest hypocrisy and people who don't practice what they preach. While you do come across as strong-headed, you have a tender side to you that reserve for your loved ones.

7. Heart-shaped Face

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This face shape is defined by a wider forehead and narrower chin. You also have a widow's peak. People see you as a strong-willed and creative person. Your strength comes from your inner power and self-awareness. You have a way with words. And even if people might think you're being a bit pushy at times, they know you are the best person to get the things done. “It speaks to someone who has incredible inner strength but can also be stubborn because they are so strong-minded,” says Harner. You're also highly intuitive and know when to make the right move and you'll do go to great lengths to protect your loved ones.




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