27YO Mom Kills 5 Out of Her 6 Kids Before Trying To Take Her Own Life | She Left the Eldest Child Alive

27YO Mom Kills 5 Out of Her 6 Kids Before Trying To Take Her Own Life | She Left the Eldest Child Alive

The woman was rescued from the tracks but was injured severely. She was taken to the hospital and was in no condition to talk then.

Most parents would do anything to protect their children but there are some people who are unable to cope with the pressures that parenthood brings. Sometimes, they take drastic measures and make decisions that they are likely to regret for the rest of their life. A 27-year-old woman, a mother of six children, went over the edge and took a step that would haunt her forever. 

The woman, identified as Christiane K, had six children between the ages of 1.5 and 11 years. She allegedly poisoned five of her youngest children before trying to end her life by jumping in front of a train. The German woman remains in a serious condition after throwing herself onto the tracks at Dusseldorf station, 20 miles from her home in Solingen, according to Daily Mail. Meanwhile, five of her children–three girls, and two boys–were losing their battle against death back at home. The eldest child, Marcel, 11, was not harmed, and it's believed that he took the train with his mother after the incident. 

Christiane was rescued from the tracks of the regional S-Bahn line and taken to a hospital. Police spokesperson Stefan Weiand said it was a "tragic situation" and revealed that the mother was in no condition to be questioned. "We are assuming a crime was committed. How and why that happened, we cannot say," he told broadcaster WDR.  


However, the police found that Marcel took a train alone to his grandmother's house in Monchengladbach when his mother got off at the Dusseldorf station, where she tried to kill herself. Daily Mail quoted RTL.de that a police source said the children were poisoned with tablets. Among the dead children are three girls of ages one-and-a-half, two and three, and two boys, Luca, eight, and Timo, six. 

The police were alerted by the children's grandmother at 2 pm on September 3 about the tragedy. Christiane made the attempt to end her life around the same time the children's grandmother was calling the cops to save them. Ambulances rushed to the apartment in Solingen where the family lived. 


The first responders were traumatized by what they saw when they got there. The state of the children was beyond imaginable, and the house, too, was appalling. Daily Mail said that the rescuers tried to resuscitate the children but were unable to do so. It is not known if Marcel was a witness to any of it. The police have been able to contact the children's father but nothing more was said about it.

Dozens of police and emergency service workers were present at the family's home after the report was made and investigations were being carried on, reports Mirror UK

Children light a candle outside an apartment building where five children were found dead on September 03, 2020, in Solingen, Germany. | Source: Getty Images | Photo by Andreas Rentz

The investigators did not reveal how the children were killed. The police said information about the cause of death can't be shared until an autopsy is done.

The incident has shaken the community, and it became a matter of national attention. Jürgen Hardt, a member of the German parliament, said he was horrified when he heard about the children's deaths. "I wish the emergency services and the police strength as they deal with the case, which will affect them deeply as well," he said. North Rhine-Westphalia Interior Minister Herbert Reul told RTL.de, "The family drama in Solingen fills me with great sadness, and at the moment I am with my thoughts and prayers with five small children who were torn from life so terribly early."


It is not known what pain the mother was in or the state of her wellbeing. Only further investigation will reveal what was on her mind. 






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