5 Times to Follow Intuition Because It's Trying to Say Something | Don't Ignore Instincts

5 Times to Follow Intuition Because It's Trying to Say Something | Don't Ignore Instincts

Our gut feeling or our intuition originates in the unconscious part of our mind and it could be seeing signs that you can't perceive otherwise.

There are times when you have a feeling in your gut you can't shake off. You know something is about to happen but your logical mind says you're imagining things. But, when you are confronted with the event you catch yourself saying, "I knew it." If you have experienced that important feeling within then you probably have a good intuition and it's speaking to you.

If your senses are heightened more than usual then it's possible that something of note is about to happen. If that's the case, there might be more signs that could be signaling something to you. Here are some other signs that prove that your intuition is speaking to you, and it shouldn't be ignored:

1. You have vivid dreams

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Dreams and intuition are deeply connected since they stem from the same place: your unconscious mind. If you're seeing dreams which you remember well into your day, it's because your unconscious mind is saying something to you. It wants to share some information that your conscious mind may be unaware of. You might feel nervous or excited when this happens, but don't be afraid. When you allow this feeling to wash over you, just go with the flow. You can also write down those dreams and try to understand what they're telling you.

2. You feel it's time to move on

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You might be getting the feeling that you are done with a certain place or person. It could be that you haven't even consciously thought of it, and may not have well-reasoned arguments ready for why you must do so. However, you feel a sense of dread and fatigue from interacting with that person or being in that place. Highly intuitive people are great at picking up vibes from places and people. So, if you are an intuitive person, you might be picking up on signals that others can't perceive. You could be feeling drained after interacting with people who are negative or from being in a place with a negative vibe.

3. You have thoughts that just popped up from nowhere

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There are four types of intuition that people can experience: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance. Being clairvoyant means that you can see visions or presence that others can't. If you're clairaudient, you could be hearing sounds or voices that others can hear. Similarly, if you're clairsentient, you are able to feel things in your body that others can't and finally, if you're claircognizant, you have the ability to be aware of things which others aren't. This is hard to discern as intuition as they are only thoughts, which are personal, and may never get expressed to others. However, these thoughts just show up in your mind without you actively pursuing them or thinking of them.

4. You see patterns around you 

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If you're intuitive, it is possible that before anything big happened in your life, you started seeing patterns around you first. It could be that you were not aware that you are intuitive and those external signs, like patterns, and numbers, were messages from the universe. They probably left you in awe until you started taking note. It's almost like your intuition can harness itself and project to the outside world without your knowledge. It demands to be heard since it's showing you precautionary signs for your own good. For instance, it could show up in unexpected ways like you look at the watch at the same time every day, or see the same pair of birds every day.

5. You are getting emotional easily 

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You're empathetic and sensitive, but you know that already. It's possible that over the years, you have been able to harness that energy and are a lot more stable in handling those skills. So, you don't have emotional outbursts without any reason. However, if you find yourself getting emotional often and over the smallest things, it could be your intuition trying to alert you of something. Something big, good or bad, might be happening soon and you need to keep your senses open and ready.




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