French Astrologist Nostradamus' Predictions for 2020 | Many of His Predictions on World Events Have Been Accurate

French Astrologist Nostradamus' Predictions for 2020 | Many of His Predictions on World Events Have Been Accurate

This physician turned astrologer who lived 500 years ago made many predictions that were incredibly accurate.

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Nostradamus is a French astrologer,  seer, and physician who lived in the fifteen century. He is known for his incredibly accurate predictions of the future. Before he became famous for his ability to "see" the future, he was known for his medical expertise and sharp intellect. 

According to Biography, a remark about a religious statue caused him to be charged with heresy. When he was called before the Church Inquisition, he wisely chose to leave the Province (Roman states outside of Italy at the time) to travel. For several years he journeyed across Italy, Greece, and Turkey, where he visited many ancient mystery schools. It is during this time he is said to have experienced a spiritual awakening.


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The first proof of this was when he came upon a group of Franciscan monks and identified one of them as the future Pope. The monk, called Felice Peretti, then went on to be ordained Pope Sixtus V in 1585, fulfilling the prediction of Nostradamus. Soon the message of his mystical skills spread and so did his ability to foresee the future. According to Curiosmos, he wrote down his prophecies in quatrains. These remarkable predictions included many historic events such as the  French Revolution, the rise of Napoleon and Hitler, the Moon Landing, the development of the atomic bomb, the 9/11  attack, and even Princess Diana's death. 


So what did the fifteen-century seer have to say about the year 2020? According to Nostradamus 2020, these were his major predictions for the new year.

1. There will be earthquakes.

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He predicted that there would be strong earthquakes in America around 2020. Additionally, he also predicted that Europe will no longer be safe from earthquakes as well. 

2. There could be an economic crisis.

Nostradamus predicted that hundreds of closed hedge funds will go bankrupt, and the international exchange market will need to close for a short time to reduce the panic of selling shares. He even mentioned that the US will face an economic stagnation. Since his prediction of the 2008 economic crisis did come true, this is worrisome.

3. England will have a new king.

Though he didn't specify if it involves the demise of a reigning monarch, his predictions for this year involved Great Britain having a new king. 


4. Wildfires will increase in number.

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According to his prediction, America could have more wildfires.  Other countries like Greece, Croatia, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, and France are also likely to be hit by intense heatwaves. 

5. The number of storms will increase.

Nostradamus stated that around 2020, the number of storms that will transform into hurricanes will be high. America will also see some strong tornadoes. 

6. The sea level will rise.

It was foretold that what is now Antarctica will detach and melt, causing sea levels to rise to dangerous levels. And this can lead to hurricanes and flooding, which in turn can lead to people turning into refugees,  global conflicts, water and food crises.

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7. Chips will be implanted in humans.

Nostradamus once saw humans walking around with chips implanted in them. His prediction isn't far off because there is in fact a company in Wisconsin, the US, that has already put this idea into practice. The chips are implanted into the employees to replace badges and presence at work. 


8. Humans will live on the moon.

In one particular vision, Nostradamus saw people living on the Moon in 2020. Considering scientists at NASA planning expeditions to the moon, it might not be a far possibility.

What do you think is going to happen? 







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