Powerful Tarot Reading for the Last Full Moon of the Decade on December 12 Has a Special Message for You

Powerful Tarot Reading for the Last Full Moon of the Decade on December 12 Has a Special Message for You

You've laid the foundation for peace, positivity, and prosperity to come through your doors for the new year of 2020. Only you know what it took to get here and how much more it will take to protect this manifestation.

This general reading for the Full Moon on December 12, 2019 applies to everybody reading this, irrespective of your zodiac sign, age, and sex. The messages given below may apply to you in your individual endeavors, to your relationships (both romantic and otherwise), or even to your career. The area of life these messages apply to might vary from person to person.

The full moon's a time to harvest, they say. You reap what you've sown. And look what you've sown! This full moon of December 2019, you're reaping the rewards of some intense internal work you did. You cleared the weeds - both within your mind and in your environment. You made space for a fertile ground. You toiled and quickened it with seeds of peace, positivity, and prosperity.

For at least the past nine months, you've been trying to manifest your ideal life with all your might. Towards the end of 2019, where do you find yourself? By the looks of it, somewhere great! Quite a lot is going the way you want it to. There's emotional fulfillment, there's stability, there's strong foundations. And it's all there because YOU manifested it.


There's much to be received in terms of rewards, but your real reward is the peace of mind you're feeling. For some, the ships have already come in. And for others, they are very much in your line of sight and you know within your heart that victory is indeed yours!

9 of Cups - (Happiness is the truth)

9 of Cups

You didn't aim for fleeting joys. You aimed for the stars, for true happiness. You wanted real fulfillment in your every day. You wanted meaning. And that's what you chose to create for yourself. If it's not already in your life, it's right around the corner. Don't give up! The last year of the decade is ending on quite the high note; make the most of it.

4 of Wands - (Rock-solid foundation)

4 of Wands

You didn't just work hard on your goals. No, you worked twice as hard on yourself. To overcome your fear of changes, your hesitation to make choices, your self-doubts... And you brought yourself and your goals to this place, where you finally have a firm footing. When what's inside of you has gotten this strong, it's not going to be easy for something external to rock your boat. Way to go!


King of Pentacles - (Security, stability, success)

King of Pentacles

Look at yourself in the mirror. Do you see a better you yet? The cards sure can! You've invested in yourself and your goals to bring to ground the life you'd visualised. For the rest of December 2019, there isn't a thing you can't do. You're ready to go into 2020, charging on a race horse, because you've spent 2019 making sure the ground beneath you is unbreakable, and the core within you unshakeable. You're no longer hurtling away from something you fear, but rather running headfirst into something you truly want. You've set the stage for your arrival in the new year.

Oracle Advice - (Ancient Wisdom)

Oracle Advice

Touch the mud, feel the breeze, soak in the sun, hear the waters, and listen to the trees. They all have one message for you: Protect who you are and what you've manifested. Not out of fear, but out of passion.


It took you a great deal to get the ground back beneath your feet; but it's going to take a great deal more to keep it strong in the face of external influences. Spend some time in nature and ground yourself, strong as a tree.

How does Tarot work?

If there's one question every tarot reader gets asked most often is, how can a bunch of cards hold answers to our deepest fears and confusion? Is it completely random or is it some kind of divine channeling of messages? Well, the answer? It's a bit of both.

Most readers are highly intuitive, sometimes psychic too. The vibrant, and often quite descriptive imagery of the Tarot is what helps paint a picture of what you can expect in the coming days, based on the reading. A truly skilled tarot reader will be able to bring clarity to your confusion and answers to your questions.

Every reader has their own preferences: some shuffle and pick the cards themselves (or ask you to pick if you're present), others shuffle extensively and wait until the cards fall out, flip, or fly out in the midst of shuffling on their own. I fall into the latter group of people. But regardless of the process that leads up to it, once the cards are laid out in front of you, they pretty much speak for themselves.


As for the choice of cards, this too depends on the reader's preference. However, the most popular of the lot, and also the most commonly used deck of cards in the Tarot is the Rider-Waite tarot deck. Different decks come with different imageries and also have varied interpretations. Purely guided by intuition, readers can interpret the cards differently, though perhaps, we're all probably channeling the same message, really. The deck I've used for this reading is the classic Rider-Waite. The imagery in this deck is quite simple and clear enough for me to explain to just about anyone what the cards are saying.
A tarot reading can be done for an individual, a couple and even a group of people. While there is no rule that dictates when and how you do a reading, there are readers who prefer to schedule it based on the lunar cycles, etc, to gauge the energies.

Tarot Reading by Anusha M Shashidhar:
She's a tarot reader and pranic healer. She comes with crystal healing experience and knowledge of yoga.
You can follow her on Instagram: anusha.m.shashidhar