The June 2019 Full Moon is a Strawberry Moon | Here's What It Means for Your Zodiac Sign

The June 2019 Full Moon is a Strawberry Moon | Here's What It Means for Your Zodiac Sign

Your zodiac sign has a lot to tell you when it comes to the full moon every month. This is how the Strawberry Moon is about to affect various aspects of your life like career and relationships.

Looking up into the night sky to gaze at the twinkling stars and the bright moon brings about inner peace for a lot of people. And now that 2019's "Strawberry Moon" is coming around next week, it certainly will pose a pretty sight for those night-gazers.

As for its name, in North America, indigenous people call it the "Full Strawberry Moon" courtesy of the berry-picking season they had during the time. According to Express UK, Amy Nieskens of the Old Farmer’s Almanac explained that “Algonquin tribes knew this Moon as the time to gather ripening strawberries."

However, the moon isn't just all about looking pretty. This month, the full moon rises in Sagittarius during the wee hours of June 17. According to Astrology King, this full moon brings a new wave of patience, optimism, spiritual wisdom, self-discipline, and realistic approaches towards your goals. With Saturn sextile (one-sixth of a circle) to Neptune, the energies of the two planets complement each other.

This is your time to shine as you are able to focus and be positive about achieving your dreams. Your faith in yourself will get a boost and you can even use this opportunity to inspire others as well. The good news isn't over yet though. Since Mercury is conjunct to Mars, both the planets' energies will multiply your mental focus. But what does it mean for your particular zodiac? Read on to find out.

1. Aries

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For those who claim Aries as their zodiac, your spiritual leanings will become more meaningful and combining it with practicality will ensure that you find triumph in your work endeavors. Your connection with the universe will become stronger and you will see that your loved ones will support you in your dreams. Staying focused on important issues is essential. Don't hesitate to request help from those you trust.

2. Taurus

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For Taureans, the full moon plays an important role in your achievement of wealth. You will see an increase in financial opportunities. Even if they seem doubtful at first, your instincts will guide you on the right path. You can channel your motivation to get a raise or aim for a new position. If you were having issues with your relationship before this, you notice that finding a balance with your partner is easier during this period.

3. Gemini

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For Geminis, your personal relationships will see a change for the better. New opportunities and feelings will arise. It will give you the chance to find your anchor among the maelstrom. Groundedness and focus are key at this time. Don't hesitate to explore the new connections you can form.

4. Cancer

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The Full Strawberry Moon encourages self-care for the Cancer. You can use the motivation, focus, and optimism to help you take good care of your health, whether it's in regards to sleep or diet. Spiritually as well, you'll find chances for growth. Messages and signs from artistic portrayals are not to be ignored.

5. Leo

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Leos, brace yourself for a phase of fun and good times with your friends and family. Your focus on work will help you become efficient in your work so that you can spend more time with those you love. You and your partner will be able to build a more fulfilling relationship. Most of the negativity that you face will come and go and it's best to go with the flow. Not letting it take over your life is important.

6. Virgo

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Personal and professional growth is something Virgos can watch for in this cycle. Embrace change in your career, mostly an advancement in your position. Overthinking, a quality associated with this zodiac sign will not deter your ability to reach your goals. You might not be completely on board with how it happens, but it will be good for you in the long run. Your drive will also push you towards improving your relationships with your loved ones.

7. Libra

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Librans can use this full moon to leap through milestones easily. Motivation will flow through you in your commitments both at work and in your relationship. You might want to rush into things as inspiration strikes but it's best to be cautious. Success will be slow in coming but it will be long-lasting. You might even feel pressure from close ones but your instincts will take care of you.

8. Scorpio

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Financial growth is in the cards for Scorpios this month, so keep an eye out for income coming your way. However, it is essential to avoid the temptation to spend it impulsively, whether on yourself or on loved ones. Your relationship will also find more financial stability, removing that as an obstacle between you and your partner.

9. Sagittarius

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For Sagittarians, this full moon spells out good fortune for you. Success is headed your way, both in your personal and professional life. This is the best time to travel as well as explore new knowledge. With focus and positivity on your side, your ability to reach your goals will become easier. This is also the time for you to expand your social life while romantically, you and your partner will find that making new memories is a cakewalk.

10. Capricorn

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Capricorns, watch out for the overzealous spirit of Sagittarius this full moon. While you'll be protected from the storm, it's best to ride the flow without overdoing it. The motivational boost with this cycle can help keep you from straying down the wrong path, both professionally and personally. Avoiding distraction is the best you can do for yourself during this time.

11. Aquarius

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Creation is Aquarian's magic word this month. That energy can lead you towards making social connections and keep your personal life bustling. Relationships with colleagues might be a little strained due to the burst of energy so navigating it can be tricky. However, it will work itself out as long as you focus that energy towards loved ones.

12. Pisces

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Much like Taurus and Virgo, this month spells out career advancement during this full moon. People may approach you for a leadership role and this is the best time to tap into those skills. Getting help when you need it is beneficial for you. You might find a shift in dynamics in your relationships with family, friends and your partner but it will not harm the bond you have with them. 




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