Fun Puzzle: The First 4 Words You See Describes Your Current State of Mind

Fun Puzzle: The First 4 Words You See Describes Your Current State of Mind

For some people, their feelings aren't always a priority, and that can end up hurting them. This puzzle can help them knows themselves better.

If you are one of those people who struggle to understand their emotions, this puzzle could help. There might be many emotions within you right now and it might be hard to pinpoint what you are feeling or thinking about. Many of us struggle to understand our own selves from time to time. It can also create misunderstandings with others. However, when we know how a situation makes us feel it's easier to react appropriately to it. For instance, what if you feel angry but can't express it as you are unaware that it's anger you are feeling.

For this simple puzzle, let your eyes guide you where your feelings take you. They will draw your attention to an emotion that might be on your mind and heart already. When you identify one of the emotions, don't try to think too much about it, and just let the feeling flow through you. It might help you find the source of that emotion. You might want to hold on to that feeling a little more or might want to release it as soon as possible.

Even when some emotions are difficult for us to process, it doesn't mean that they should be avoided. They can cause further issues for us and those we love. The full range of emotions can help us understand our purpose in life too.

If you are curious to know what's on your mind right now, here is a puzzle to glance through:

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Once you see the first word that tells you what's been on your mind, you can start searching for the other three. The four emotions you find here might seem counterintuitive, but guess what? Humans are complex beings with many different thoughts and feelings going on at the same time. There is no right or wrong answer to this puzzle, just like there is no right or wrong answer to our emotions.

We are allowed to feel whatever we feel, and they are valid. However, it is also important to process our feelings before we decide to confront someone with them. It might help to figure out our insecurities and strengths too.

The feelings that we sustain for a long time can also reveal our attitude towards life or if we have certain mental health issues. It's not easy to decode the complex language and world of emotions, but it's not rocket science either.

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