Fun Test: Can You Guess Which Woman Holds the Man's Interest? Study Their Body Language to Figure Out the Answer

Fun Test: Can You Guess Which Woman Holds the Man's Interest? Study Their Body Language to Figure Out the Answer

Puzzles and brain teasers are a great way to find out how active our brain is. This particular one tests our knowledge of body language.

Brain teasers are a great way to jog our brain muscles. Most of us are unfortunately stuck at home and with not a lot to do except the daily chores. We are also getting pulled into the world of the internet, which shows one bad news after the other. Looking at the negative information available online could be affecting many of us as well. Instead, focussing on the positive would help see the world in a lighter way.

One of the ways of doing so can be by keeping our minds active through puzzles and quizzes. Puzzles have many benefits like improving concentration, memory, and reducing the risk of dementia, according to Escape London. It also helps that it reduces day to day boredom.

We could test our knowledge of history, geography, and other trivia, including body language, and other cognitive skills. This puzzle will tell us how good we are at reading people. All you have to do is find out who the man in the image is interested in. There are three women who are looking at the man and he seems to be turned towards all of them. The answer here lies in the details.

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

Our body language gives away a lot about us. The way we sit, stand, or even cross our hands are able to tell others about the state of our mind or what we are thinking. The women here are in different postures and expressions. If we look closely, we'd be able to tell that the man is clearly interested in the woman who is most interested in him. But, which woman is 100% interested in him? Therein lies the answer.

If you have picked one of the figures, you can scroll down to know the answer.

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

The answer is 2 because while she is standing a few feet away from the man in the image, her feet are still pointed towards him. His feet also seem to be pointed towards her. Meanwhile, numbers one and three may be looking at the man but they are not completely into him. Their body language shows that they are not totally into him as their feet are not pointed at him. This puzzle is a great way to figure out how much we know about the human mind.

Body language is a great way to reveal if people are interested in us and according to Confidencereboot.com, people are prone to point their feet towards the person they are interested in. They are likely attracted to that person or interested in something about them including the conversation they are having. If you want to know if the man is interested in just what you are talking about or you, change the topic of conversation and check where his feet are pointing then. If their feet point to an exit or away from you, then it shows that the person is not interested at all.

If you are not sure about someone's interest in you through this method, then check for eye contact as well. Prolonged eye contact shows that we like someone as well because it's a sign of us being present in the moment for that person.




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