Count the Number of Squares in This Image | Are You Sure You Have Covered Them All?

Count the Number of Squares in This Image | Are You Sure You Have Covered Them All?

Tease your brain with a fun puzzle while you're at home.

Puzzles are a great way to keep our minds sharp. They ask of us to be focussed and think outside the box. Well, here is one that urges you to look rather keenly at the box.

Puzzles aren't meant just for young kids, they are also equally beneficial for adults. It helps kids stay focused and motivated, and it helps adults solve problems with no real-life consequences. Since we are constantly trying to resolve issues that require us to think of consequences, logical and visual puzzles give our brain a workout without the stress factor.

Visual puzzles have multiple benefits for adults apart from keeping us entertained. For starters, it improves memory as they reinforce existing connections between our brain cells, reports USAToday. It can also create new connections between brain cells and improve cognitive functions and speed up thought processes. They also improve visual-spatial thinking. They are also good for people with Alzheimer's, according to Alzheimers.net. While they may not prevent the disease but it can keep people with the disease stimulated. 

This particular puzzle asks us to find and count all the big and little squares in the image. Shared on Reddit, many people took a guess about the answer. Some said it was 48 while others said it was 51, but the real answer will only be revealed after you give it a try. 

Source: Reddit

Many people struggled to find the answer to this puzzle. It's a hard one, isn't it? Our previous puzzle Can you spot the cat? might be easier for you, if you're a beginner at this. However, keep trying at the current one. Look at the bigger boxes, the smaller ones, the ones in between. Have you taken a look at all the shapes and sizes of the bigger and smaller ones? Was your answer 39? Or 42? Maybe 26? Well scroll down to find the right answer.

The answer might be something quite unexpected. If you are looking for the answer to confirm if you got it right, the answer is below. 

Answer: The right answer is zero. There are no squares in the image since all of them are rectangles. Disappointed? Well, we hope it was fun!

Here is why they are not squares:

Source: Imgur

Maybe, you would like to try a different kind of puzzle? Here's a puzzle that doesn't involve counting. And shhh. Don't share the answer in the comments section and spoil the fun for others. Let them have some fun as well.





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