Can You Spot the Cat Hidden Amid the Rows of Buildings? Most People Find It Instantly

Can You Spot the Cat Hidden Amid the Rows of Buildings? Most People Find It Instantly

Can you see the cat yet?

With everyone in lockdown, entertainment is one of the most important parts of our lives. We look forward to the TV shows we can stream online or watch on the TV or songs we can listen to or thousands of books we could pick from. Also popular during this time are quizzes and puzzles to tease our minds and keep them sharp. There are many benefits of doing visual puzzles.

Visual puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, and other brain teasers require our entire concentration and can help develop both sides of our brains, according to News-journal.com. It can also improve our short-term memory among other things. For adults especially, solving a puzzle can improve our problem-solving skills since it forces us to change our perspective. It allows us to look for creative solutions to our problems. These skills are essential for home and work life, both of which have merged for many people currently. It can also benefit us by improving visual-spatial reasoning as well as our concentration power. It tunes our minds to focus until we find the solution.

For children, puzzles are a great way to improve hand-eye coordination and improve social skills because it's not necessary that we do them alone. Now, on the internet, there have been many puzzles that ask us to find a specific object hidden in a photo. For instance, one puzzle asks us to find a pencil from the middle of a stack of books. There are multiple others where we are asked to spot the difference. Then, there are visuals that look like abstract art but they can reveal about our personality depending on what we see in the image first. Multiple shapes are hidden in the image and the most visible shape to you could reveal who you are within.

Source: Reddit

The current puzzle asks us to spot the cat hidden amidst the maze of buildings. Many people have spotted it instantly but a lot others have had trouble seeing it. It's not that easy to see but keep looking. Just focus a little and you will find the curvy cat face within pointy ears and whiskers hidden there.

This was posted on Reddit and multiple people haven't been able to see the cat. Some people responded to it saying, "This took me longer than I’d like to admit." It took forever for some others. "Can’t find it," said another Reddit user.

How about now? Can you spot it? Come on, look a little harder.

Source: Reddit

The answer is below.

The cat has been encircled in yellow. Hope you liked this puzzle!

Source: Reddit




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