Fun Quiz: The Way You Dot Your I’s and Cross Your T’s Reveals a Lot About Your Personality

Fun Quiz: The Way You Dot Your I’s and Cross Your T’s Reveals a Lot About Your Personality

If you want to discover the inner layers of your personality, handwriting analysis is a good place to start.

Your handwriting can reveal a lot about you, graphologist Kathi McKnight tells Business Insider. It can reveal parts of your personality that even you were not aware of. How you write the letters "t" and "i" especially indicate hidden facts about yourself even you will be surprised to know.

The letter i

A high or low dot indicates where you fall on the spectrum of materialism and spirituality. It can help you identify your weak spots and gives you a chance at personal growth. If you can figure out your problem, you can figure out how to fix it as well.

When you have a very high dot, it means you have very little connection with reality so much so that you avoid problems. You might be avoiding anything that requires effort. If your i also looks high and thin it could mean that you live in an unreal world.

Dot your i's

When the dot is high it shows that you are idealistic and look for noble and spiritual pursuits. You probably have intellectual interests and massive goals. A normal height dot shows that you are in harmony with the real and the ideal. You have managed to find a balance between spirituality and materialism.

A low dot indicates that you are a precise and realistic person. It indicates someone with common sense and humility. You lean towards materialism in body and mind. If the dot is loaded with ink it can also show someone pessimistic than realistic.

Someone who writes their dots very low would have difficulties with their desire for the material. They might border on greediness and would have a significant amount of materialism. If the dot is fallen, then the person is physically exhausted and depressed. It can be a temporary thing as well and the best way to confirm this is by checking all the dots.

The letter t

In the study of handwriting, graphology, the letter t's bar is studied to find out the will with which an individual takes action against obstacles in front of them and the energy with which they present themselves.

If the bar that is supposed to cross the stem is over the stem then it can show a tendency to rebel against norms. The individual likes to dominate others and has a desire to lead others. They can also be prone to exaggeration.

Cross your t's

When the bar is placed high it shows leadership qualities and a degree of authoritarianism. They want to be someone great in life and there is a frenzy with which they go after it.

When the cross is at a midpoint, there is a balance in the personality. They would either submit or dominate based on a situation. If the t bar is low then that person is more submissive and obedient. They don't want to impose themselves on others and are more likely to be a follower than a leader.

More insights into yourself

Letters l and y are also good indicators of your personality traits. For instance, a wide looped l shows you are relaxed and spontaneous while a narrow and retraced l indicates someone trying to limit themselves. A broad loop of your y shows that you have a large circle of friends while a slender one indicates that you are reserved and selective about your associations. A short hook indicates you're a homebody and a long one is a sign of someone who craves adventure.






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