Fun Quiz: Pick a Jack-O'-Lantern and We'll Reveal What Your Favorite Halloween Costume Is

Fun Quiz: Pick a Jack-O'-Lantern and We'll Reveal What Your Favorite Halloween Costume Is

Halloween is just a hop, skip, and a jump away. It's time to bring out the scariest decor and costume to chase away the evil spirits.

Jack-O'-Lanterns have been part of the Halloween tradition for centuries. It started with an Irish folktale about Stingy Jack, and when Irish immigrants made their way to America, which is the native place of pumpkins, they brought the tradition with them. In Ireland and Scotland, people had made their own version of Jack’s lanterns by carving scary faces into vegetables like turnips or potatoes. They would place them on windows or near doors to frighten away the ghost of Stingy Jack and other wandering evil spirits.

Carving a scary face on a pumpkin has become a part of Halloween festivities across the world now. People do different versions of the pumpkin face everywhere and the face you pick can reveal what your favorite Halloween costume is. The pumpkin faces are like a scale of how scary you are willing to go.

Pick one pumpkin from these six: 

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

Now, that you have picked one, it's time to find out your favorite costume. Perhaps, you could dress up as this character for the Halloween festivities. 

Jack-o'-lantern no.1 

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

If you picked this scary pumpkin, then you truly love a scare. Perhaps, ghost stories are your favorite pastime. You will love an equally frightful costume for Halloween, in that case. Perhaps, the corpse bride is right up your alley. It's scary and it's a classic. She is not just a scary character but has a sweet tale as well.


Jack-o'-lantern no.2 

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

If you picked this Jack-o'-lantern, there is nothing that you won't try when it comes to a good scare. You might like a retro costume in the horror department. If so, Chucky and his bride might be the favorite for you and your partner. There's nothing scarier than an evil doll that wants to kill off humans. The 1990's film, Child's Play, was iconic and set our hearts racing, and not because we were in love.


Jack-o'-lantern no.3 

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

This scary pumpkin face looks right out of Sleepy Hollow. The headless horseman had a skull for a head, but this pumpkin could have done the job as well. The classic Tim Burton film scared many a moviegoer in its time. Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci did a great job portraying star-crossed lovers. You would probably like paying tribute to this old movie by donning a costume from it. The costumes have a definite Victorian look about them, don't you think?


Jack-o'-lantern no.4

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

Have you no fear at all? You probably look forward to October 31 every year just to show everyone how talented you are with your Halloween decor and costumes. Maybe, you are part of a big group that loves sharing the creepiest things possible this day. If so, you love the look of the mom from Coraline. Even if it was just a children's movie, the mom is extremely scary. The button eyes are a key part of making this look a success. You can glue the buttons to a piece of glass before wearing them.


Jack-o'-lantern no.5

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

If you went for this Jack-o'-lantern, you are likely someone who prefers to tone down the horror bit in their costume. You might also be an earnest costume enthusiast. If so, you'll probably like the all-black look of Maleficent. It's not a difficult look to recreate. All you will need is the right pair of horns to complete your costume. She may have been scary but she had a heart of gold.


Jack-o'-lantern no.6

Source: Illustration/ Shamik Das

If you like this pumpkin, you are a goofy person who likes their Halloween costume to be funny more than scary. If so, your favorite Halloween look is likely going to be this scary take on a beauty queen. She's just drop-dead gorgeous and is a sure contender to win the Halloween pageant.


So, what costume is going to be for you this year?

Disclaimer : This article is for your entertainment / infotainment purposes.

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