Fun Quiz: This Is What the Shape of Your Fingertips Says About Your Personality

Fun Quiz: This Is What the Shape of Your Fingertips Says About Your Personality

You may have tried astrology and tarot or other methods, but not what your own body is revealing about you. This too reveals about your inner life.

Our bodies can reveal a lot about our personalities. For instance, the shape of our feet can reveal what your ancestry is, the shape of your thumbs can show other interesting details about your personality. There are myriad things that our bodies are betraying about us and an expert can pick it up easily. If you want to be able to decode others easily too, you can find out more about what their foreheads are saying about them. 

We often rely on astrology, tarot, or other methods, but just like those methods, hand analysis is a good way to find unknown things about oneself. If you want to know more about yourself, start by observing the tips of fingers on your strong hand. You will be able to decipher its shape. It could be round, square, sharp, or shovel-shaped. These four types of fingertips reveal things about the person in depth.

1. Round 

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If the tips of your fingers are rounded then you are someone who believes in harmony. You might be someone who truly believes in world peace. You try not to be bothered by little things and instead look at the big picture. You would like to make an impact on people's lives and so you sort through the inconsequential things to get to the main focus. For you, it's more important to have your morals and principles intact than make personal gains. You aim for qualities like honesty, loyalty, and trust rather than running after material gains.

You are also a social person who always has friends around them. You like to bring people together and have casual get-togethers instead of controlling every minute of every event. This leaves you time to think and care about the people and things you want. People come to you for advice and to learn to let go of grudges.

2. Square 

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If your fingertips are square-shaped then you are a cautious person. You like to look before you leap so you have enough time to mull over a decision. You are also incredibly trustworthy and are the kind of person who would take a secret to the grave. People come to you when they are in difficult spots as they know you would be discreet. You are also an organized person and that makes decision-making easy for you. You could be exploring multiple angles in your mind at the same time to come to a decision.

You are also creative and have a novel approach. While you have an artistic side, your real skills could be used as an investigator. You also have a strong belief system and don't go against your principles, which makes you an upright member of the community.

3. Sharp

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If you have a sharp fingertip, then your personality is a lot like the air signs in the zodiac. You are quick-witted, funny, and love to talk. You have an analytical mind and you are also highly observant. You pay attention closely, no matter what the situation is. Whether it's your relationships or work, you are aware of what is going on around you. There is no fooling you since you are quick to catch mistakes. You like to be prepared for the difficulties life throws at you, which is why others seek you out for solving their problems. You don't like mincing your words and tell them what you think is right. You believe in being honest, especially with your closest people. You would rather that they heard about the hard things from you than find about it from strangers. Your honesty may be a double-edged sword sometimes.

4. Shovel 

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If your fingertips are shaped like a shovel, then you are someone with an independent spirit. You are the happiest when out in nature and exploring. Whenever someone suggests a travel opportunity, you jump on it. More importantly, you are a curious person who likes to try things at least once. It may not be that you travel extensively, but you are always open to an adventure. Whether it's about seeking new ways to improve your personal life or go on real journeys, you are ready. Growth is important to you.

You also don't find difficulty talking to strangers and learning about new cultures and ideas. You keep an open mind and give people the benefit of the doubt. You don't like judging people at first glance and instead would prefer to give them a chance.



Disclaimer : This article is for your entertainment / infotainment purposes.

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