Fun Test: Here's What the Way You Walk Reveals About Your Personality

Fun Test: Here's What the Way You Walk Reveals About Your Personality

Our bodies speak a language of their own and they reveal some of our deepest personality secrets.

How Do You Walk?

Editor's note: This article was originally published on April 28, 2020. It has since been updated.

Our body speaks for us, a lot. In fact, a report by Exforsys says, "Body language, which is best defined as a non-verbal form of communication showed through facial expressions, gestures, posture, and body movements, says a lot about one’s personality." The fact is that if we observe closely, even the slightest of our body movements can reveal secrets to our personalities that we aren't even aware of, as explained in the Huffington Post. The way you smile, the way you laugh, the way you hold your partner, every gesture of the body is connected to the frame of mind you are in. And the way you walk, too, speaks volumes about who you are as a person. Let's find out:


1) The Achiever

The Achiever

If you walk with an erect posture, shoulders up, back straight, and looking ahead, then you are the kind of person who was born to achieve greatness. It can be seen in your strides. You are someone who believes in moving ahead, full-steam, and head held high. You are the kind of person who believes in action and not words. Your work speaks for you. You are the kind of go-getter who inspires others to achieve their full potentials and you motivate them by setting great examples. You were meant to dream higher and achieve greater things in life. Never stop doing that.

2) The Thinker

The Thinker


If you walk with your shoulders slightly droopy and looking at your path then you are someone who carries the burden of thought. You are someone who thinks rationally and feels deeply. You are empathetic and you can feel what other people are feeling. You are the kind of person who would give their all to someone they love without asking for a thing in return. You would rather get hurt yourself than see others in pain. It is this burden of knowing and the weight of understanding emotions so genuinely that makes you who you are, a compassionate thinker!

3) The Multitasker

The Multitasker

If you walk busily, hurriedly, and with multiple thoughts raging riot in your brain then you are a multitasker by nature. You have the kind of efficiency that is rare to find and you can juggle multiple aspects of your life without breaking a sweat. You are the kind of person who gets things done, one way or another, and you have a keen sense of organization that reflects in your thoughts and your actions. You are the kind of person who sets high standards through your performances and set examples for others to follow.


4) The Defender

The Defender

If you walk in long strides with high feet movement then you are the kind of person who carries authority in their personalities. You have gravitas, and your words carry undeniable reason. You are the kind of person who defends their beliefs no matter what and you protect those who cannot protect themselves. There's a confidence in your personality that comes out of the strength you carry within. You are someone who knows how to handle difficult situations and you have a keen sense of right and wrong. The one thing that defines your personality is your ability to weigh in and change opinions and to shield those who are vulnerable. You are a kind of protector, a strong defender.

5) The Header

The Leader


If you walk with your head held high and in cheerful rhythm then you are someone who is born to lead. You are the head that thinks and the mind that works. You are the leader of the pack, the pioneer, and the pathfinder. When in doubt, people come to you to seek guidance as they know you understand how to find solutions. You are someone who values understanding over judgment, making you the person who can mentor others. You are the mastermind, the intellect of the group, and the one who knows how to deal with things in the right way. You are the head, the boss!




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