Fun Quiz: 5 Types of Relationships That Truly Work | Which One's Yours?

Fun Quiz: 5 Types of Relationships That Truly Work | Which One's Yours?

No relationship is perfect. Everyone makes an effort towards their relationship and the success depends on multiple factors. However, these people seem to have found the perfect relationship dynamic.

Every relationship is unique in its own way, but there are some broad categories they fall under. The category you fall under depends on who you are as a couple, and the kind of relationship you have forged. While there are many kinds of couples that don't always hit it off, there are some diamonds among the rough. These couples have worked hard to make it work and have perfected their relationship dynamics.

Here are some kind of couples that actually work:

1. The best friends

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They have similar interests and have the same group of friends. They rarely have conflicts with each other and their kids grow up happy as well. They are perceived as a calm couple by others but there is also not much romance or passion. In this dynamic, the partners would usually have dated only each other are probably high school or college sweethearts, Samantha Rodman, Ph.D, clinical psychologist, tells HuffPost. However, the nearly platonic nature of this dynamic doesn't bother either of them much. They are just happy in each other's company. 

2. The lover and the loved

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It is rare that both partners love each other equally. Usually, there is one sensitive and one less emotional partner. The one who is less in touch with their emotions likes to be given a lot of affection and the partner complies. This dynamic works if both are mature about it and understand and accept each other well. It is a relationship of people who complement each other since one likes to shower attention while the other loves to receive it.

3. The power couple

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Both of them have similar personalities. They love to project themselves as a power couple and like to be in the limelight. Both enjoy success and are supportive of each other's successes. They love achieving goals together and being the best-dressed in a room. They like to project themselves as the ideal couple who have everything going for them. This kind of couple could face problems if they started focussing on other people's perception of them more than focussing on the marriage.

4. The rescuer and the rescued

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It may sound like a Hollywood film but there are couples where one partner feels rescued by the other. It could be a man or woman with an emotionally abusive past who found a stable partner now. Whatever their issues seemed to have resolved since their spouse came into the picture. They are fiercely loyal to each other and grateful for having each other in their lives. There could be trouble when the dynamic changes after the rescued is healed and the rescuer seeks out to rescue others. It helps if the rescuer learns to channel their need to rescue in a professional way of sorts.

5. The opposites

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In this couple, the woman is a highly sensitive person while her partner has a rational attitude. She is more caretaking and creative while he works in a job that's more profitable, according to DrPsychmom. They are polar opposites but appreciate each other. He values her creative side and she appreciates how reliable he is. They reassure each other and take care of each other's needs. Sometimes, it feels like they are part of a puzzle that completes each other. There can be trouble if either shifts gears and decides they want something different from life.




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