Your Venus Sign Influences Your Love Life and the Decisions You Make

Your Venus Sign Influences Your Love Life and the Decisions You Make

Someone could seek an intense bond while someone else would want a lighthearted one, what you need from your better half can become clear with the help of astrology.

Our sun signs are can be a reliable indication who we are compatible with, but they show only one side of the picture. Two signs that should traditionally gel well like Cancer and Pisces may not because of where their venus signs lie. Venus is the planet of luck, vision, expansion, and plenty, and it means something different for each sign of the zodiac. If you want to know what you expect in a relationship, finding your venus sign can help. 

1. Aries 


If you have your Venus in Aries, you are someone who see their partner as competition. You probably love being in control of the situation, and expect your partner to be direct, open, and honest with you. You are not one to play games in a relationship. However, you also want spontaneity and playfulness from your partner and are always on the lookout for something novel. 

2. Taurus 


You love material comforts and want a partner who does too. You are the quintessential lover of good food and wine. You also love physical affection and want someone who can keep up with your sensuality. You dislike change and don't like being pushed into a fast-paced romance. So, you expect your partner to appreciate your patience and cautious approach to love. 

3. Gemini


You are a witty and intellectual person, who loves to charm their partner with humor. You want your partner to be a good friend as much as a lover. You are playful people who want your relationship to be lighthearted too. You get bored quickly and don't like dealing with deep issues or conflicts in the relationship. Your partner has to be highly emotionally intelligent to navigate through your needs and moods. 

4. Cancer


You love a committed and predictable relationship. You are very sensitive to your partner's needs, but want them to take care of you too. As a sensitive person, you require emotional reciprocation from your partner. You hate it when your partner seems distant and out of touch with you and your feelings. 

5. Leo


Flamboyant, proud, and boastful. That's how you are in your relationships. You want to come off as more experienced than you are, and expect respect from your partner. You can be a demanding partner who wants attention and courtship. If there is a lull in the relationship, you will catch on immediately and let your partner know. You want your partner to step their game up. 

6. Virgo


You don't believe in loud displays of affection, but you do like to be sure that your love interest likes you back before making a move. You are a great listener and make it a point to observe and digest everything your partner says, which sometimes really shocks your partner.

7. Libra


You are polished, sophisticated, and conflict-averse. You want peace and harmony and hate it when anyone threatens it. You want to be treated fairly and kindly, those are the keys to communication in your relationship. Whenever anyone behaves even remotely aggressively, you get turned-off. 

8. Scorpio


You are an intense partner who loves having a powerful bond with your partner. You don't believe in casual flirtations and instead jump into the deeper end of the relationship. Your relationship takes on an identity of its own and you love showing your partner how devoted you are to them. Instead of small-talk, you crave conversations about their deeper, darker secrets right from the start.

9. Sagittarius


Love is an endless adventure for you and you always want to embark on it. You find it hard to settle down, but once you have given your heart, it will be to someone who is as interesting as you are. You want to learn and experience everything with your partner. You will give your partner a lot of space in the relationship.  

10. Capricorn 


You believe in showing your patient and self-controlled side. You want your partner to know how ambitious and goal-oriented you are. Your charm lies in being able to take charge of a situation and keep at it patiently. You will work at your relationship similarly, with patience and resilience, until you attain success. From your partner, you expect some support but also trust that you've got it under control. 

11. Aquarius


You are an open-minded individual who will give ample space to your partner. You want your partner to appreciate how unique and non-traditional you are. You want your partner to be attracted to your intellect. If you have an emotional partner, they might get turned off by your perceived impersonal ways. But you are not one for emotional displays, and expect your partner to understand that. 

12. Pisces 


You are dreamy and mysterious to other people. From your partner, you expect romance and tenderness, but also stability and dependability. While you will be devoted to your relationship, you are not the kind to settle down in the traditional sense. You will accept people as they are and want the same openness from your partner. 

Don't know your Venus sign? Just use this tool to find out. 



Disclaimer : This article is for your entertainment / infotainment purposes.

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