Fun Test: What Color Is the Dresser? | The Colors You See Can Reveal More About the Kind of Person You Are

Fun Test: What Color Is the Dresser? | The Colors You See Can Reveal More About the Kind of Person You Are

The colors you think you see may not be the actual color of the dresser.

Remember "The Dress" that broke the internet a couple of years ago? Nobody could agree on what the original color of it was. Some saw gold and white while others saw blue and black. Nobody could come to a consensus. Once that was settled (it was actually blue and black), there came the shoe. It was a pair of sneakers that looked pink and white to some and blue and grey to others. Originally, the shoe was pink and white.

Now, there's a new optical illusion here to baffle people. A user on Reddit shared the photograph of a dresser that appears to be many different colors to different people. Some say it's pink and white, others said it's blue and grey or pink and mint green, and even blue and pink.


People have been baffled over this optical illusion too. "No. No more civilization-killing color puzzles," wrote Reddit user Crinfarr. Another person joked that the dresser was actually "gold and black." Meanwhile, another user focused on something else entirely. “Alls I see are wonky knobs," they said.

Source: Reddit (Photo by u/agamiegamer)

The original poster was later quoted as saying by Bustle that the dresser was actually painted blue and grey (mindblown!) because this writer only sees it as white and pink. 

However, the color you see might hold a clue into your personality. Color psychology can reveal some of the things we don't know about ourselves. So, read on if you want to know what the color you saw can reveal about you:

1. Blue and grey 

Source: Getty Images | Photo by MirageC

If you saw these colors, it is possible that you are someone who is creative and positive. You like to maintain harmony in all your relationships but you're not always confident. There is a grey area to your personality and you go into dark moods. There may be a dichotomy in your personality. On the one hand, you are smart and know how to take care of yourself but on the other hand, there are times, when you seem distant to the world. You could come across as disinterested and in your own world but when you are able to get past that, you have a very rational mind.

2. Pink and white 

Source: Getty Images | Photo by Kseniya Ovchinnikova

If these are the colors you picked, then you are someone who knows how to embrace your feminine side. You are courageous and comfortable in your own skin. You offer a bright outlook to those around you and are always excited about the beginning of projects. You might find that people don't always take you seriously because you might find it hard to see something to the end. However, you know how to balance your life well and are not afraid to go after it.

3. Pink and mint green

Source: Getty Images | Photo by Tshum

People see you as a feminine and healing presence in their life. They come to you for advice, love, and affection since you have a soothing presence. Your influence has also helped people make a positive turn in their life. This could include your own children and spouse. You might be considered a community leader even. You have a charismatic personality and care deeply about people. This translates into your behavior too and people gravitate to you. You are also likely to be lucky in money matters.

4. Pink and blue 

Source: Getty Images | Photo by Erlon Silva - TRI Digital

You are likely to be a leading and generous voice in the lives of your close ones. You don't leave matters to chance and instead grab your opportunities by both hands when you see them. You are independent and quick-witted and nobody can get the better of you. You have a sharp analytical mind that you use to help others. You might sometimes feel lonely as those around you aren't fully able to understand you. However, that could be because you are not always open with them. You may be open with your wisdom but not your feelings. When you open your heart, you might find that more people warm up to you and make the effort to understand you.




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