Fun Quiz: What You See First Reveals Your Outlook Towards Love and Relationships

Fun Quiz: What You See First Reveals Your Outlook Towards Love and Relationships

The image you see first can reveal if you are in love with love or if you are completely alright being alone as well.

Finding the right partner is not easy, and neither is falling in love. But, what is harder is making efforts every single day to keep your relationship strong. Whether a relationship will last or not is heavily dependent on the attitude we have towards it. Some people might think that love is the main goal that motivates them. For others, it's only a part of their life and for others, it's not a priority at all. The kind of attitude you have towards your partner, relationship, and love can be known easily through how you perceive this image.

For many, love for their partner, their brethren, and God is one of the biggest motivations in life. They want others to follow the language of kindness and care as well. However, there are people who like to balance their love towards self and others. There are also those who love themselves first and foremost. That doesn't make them selfish but self-centered. These people may be very good at knowing their desires and wants.

If you are wondering which one you are, look at the image below. What you see first in this image will reveal your hidden mindset about love.

Source: Illustration

What did you see first?

There are three different images in this one image. You could have seen the dog, the cats, or the little heart in the center. The one you saw will reveal your stance on love. Don't be too surprised because you probably knew this about yourself deep in your heart.

1. The cats

Source: Illustration

If you saw the cats first, then you are someone who has experienced love multiple times but you know you can be happy on your own as well. You date people for adding spice to your life without seeking longterm commitment necessarily. You find it stabilizing and interesting when you are a single lady in charge of your own time and space. Sharing yourself with others and being vulnerable doesn't come easy to you. Everyone should be able to live how they want and if being without a partner gives you joy, then so be it. However, the downside of this is that you have to be extra good at being self-reliant. Also, while you may prepare yourself for every possible difficulty coming your way, it may not be possible to prepare for unforeseen things. So, it's good to have a strong network of friends who will be willing to help you out in your hour of need.

2. The heart

Source: Illustration

When looking at the image, if you saw the little heart in the center first then you are someone who wears their heart on the sleeve. You see romance and love everywhere, and you believe in making big gestures for the person you love. You might even consider yourself a local cupid for those around you. You love the idea of love and don't see how it's not important for others. However, you may not associate love with marriage though you aren't against it. You believe in spreading joy to everyone and you just happen to think that partnering up is one of the greatest ways of finding joy.

3. The dog 

Source: Illustration

If you saw the dog first when you first looked at this image, then you are the kind of person who welcomes love into their life but doesn't obsess over it. You grow and thrive when you have love in your life. You see your partner as someone who can help you come into your own. You might see life as a stressful and frustrating journey, unless you have your partner beside you. It even might seem pointless to you sometimes, though it's never that. Falling in love helps you focus on all the positive bits of life and it inspires you to see the world in a new way. You might feel more whole when you are in love but that doesn't mean you weren't so when you were alone. You might just be someone who is often plagued with loneliness when alone.




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