Fun Test: Can You Find All Three Animals in the Illustration? If You Can, You Are in the Top 1%

Fun Test: Can You Find All Three Animals in the Illustration? If You Can, You Are in the Top 1%

How long did it take you?

With each passing day, optical illusions are getting harder to solve, even though the answer to what you're looking for is right in front of your eyes.

There's always a new one that people collectively break their heads over, to try and solve, but the latest one is really hard to get the answer to, and if you do, you are reportedly in one of the top 1 percent of the people who can figure the answer out, according to New York Post

“Only 1 percent of people can find the second animal in this image,” said @pasillusion in a viral video on TikTok, where he shared the image of the mindbending illusion. 

The first thing that is noticeable in the image is a dolphin eating a fish, with a ship in the distance. Since the dolphin is a mammal, that and the fish together become two animals in the image. However. the third one is what we need to find. 


Again, the answer is right there, all we need to do is to look at the image from a different perspective. Simply turn the phone around to flip the image, and you will notice that the dolphin magically transforms into a pelican. 

Yes, it is just that simple. 

Though the video said it's hard to find the second animal, people quickly pointed out there are three in the picture. One user wrote: "why are you saying find the second animal? there's clearly three🐬🐟🐦."

Another added: "only 100%* of people could find a third* one." 

Did you manage to find the third one?




Cover Image Source: TiKTok | @passilusion

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