Can You Find the Panda Hidden in This Heavy Metal Crowd? It's Not an Easy One

Can You Find the Panda Hidden in This Heavy Metal Crowd? It's Not an Easy One

Who said pandas don't like heavy metal music?

Aren't puzzles amazing? We grew up solving trivia, sudoku, riddles, and whatnot. They've always managed to capture the interests of people in finding the right answers. Social media was flooding with people finding their way back to solving huge puzzle pieces during the pandemic lockdowns around the world and sharing their achievements. Well, can't blame them because it's the best way to pass time and have a good time.

Hidden Picture puzzles are believed to help kids pay attention to details, increase vocabulary as they search for clues, as per Highlights. It helps them spend more time with activities that develop their cognitive skills, self-confidence, and visual perception. But we can all agree that puzzles don't have to be age-specific. They can be enjoyed at all ages, so here's one that you'll find interesting.

Epsen Westum, a head brewer at Westum Hjemmebryggeri, from Fredrikstad, Norway, designed a visual puzzle that made everyone go crazy on the internet. Almost similar to the popular series "Where's Waldo?" the picture is hiding the head of a panda among that of heavy metal head artists. The original version had a panda hidden among snowmen but when the visual went viral he redesigned it with the metal artists and took it up another notch.

Posting the image on Facebook he wrote, "Most people have seen the 'find the panda among snowmen' picture. I was inspired to make one myself, only with black metal artists. After drawing most of the day, here is the result! HAILS!” The puzzle received a lot of love and was shared more than 8,000 times. Epsen had posted the picture back in 2015 but it was only recently that he made it public only to go viral.

Do you think you can find the panda? Look again closely, and don't peek!


Have you found it yet? Come on, it's not so hard!

If not, no worries. We have the answer for you.

Source: Photo by Espen Westum

Were you able to spot it correctly? Let us know.




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