Fun Test: Can You Spot the Hidden ‘8’ on the Diamond Card?

Fun Test: Can You Spot the Hidden ‘8’ on the Diamond Card?

This really is a cool party trick.

While some illusions are meant to test your personality, some are just kind of "did you know this existed?" kind of illusions. 

The current illusion we're going to talk about actually falls under the second category. Have you ever come across a pack of cards? Ever noticed the eight of diamonds? Well, it's the usual card: it has eight diamond symbols on the card, along with two '8' digits on two corners.

But, there is actually a cool party trick hidden in that card, according to New York Post

“Britain’s Got Talent” contestant Jamie Raven, a magician, previously shared one version of this trick on Twitter. “How old were you when you learned there was an ‘8’ in the middle of the 8 of diamonds card?” Raven wrote.



If you look closely, the “ ’8′ in the middle” he’s referring to is actually the shape that is formed because of the negative space in between the diamonds. Yeah, who would have thought, right?

If you did not know about this before today, well, you can seek comfort in the fact that you are not the only one. 

"Oh hahaha just been staring at my phone like I was doing a magic eye puzzle and rotating my phone in different ways it’s just appeared.. Only you could post something like that Jamie Raven, what a guy you are!! Well just now for me, so 30 years learn something new everyday," one user shared 

Another user was just so confused about why they never noticed this before. "How did I never notice that!" they exclaimed.

Was this something you knew about, or did you find out today?




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