Fun Test: This Is What the Fate Line on Our Palm Reveals About Our Destiny

Fun Test: This Is What the Fate Line on Our Palm Reveals About Our Destiny

The lines on our hands can reveal a lot about what paths we take in life and the wealth we earn as well.

The lines on our hands can tell us a lot about our future. We just need to know how to decode this ancient art. Apart from the heart, head and life lines, the fate line is one of the most important and interesting lines on our palms. It goes vertical across the other main lines and more or less can be found in the center of the palm. Usually, it starts at the base of our hand and stretches upwards towards the middle finger aka the Saturn finger. The fate line is also called the Saturn line.

In Chinese palmistry, it is believed that the fate line holds the answers to our professional and financial future. It can tell us about the ups and downs we can experience as well as the lucky periods. It can also tell us about the opportunities that can arise in our future.

The placement of the fate line can tell us some specific things about our life:

1. Starts from life line

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If the fate line begins from where the life line is and ends at the heart line, then you are someone who has a rebellious streak. You are not someone who follows the trodden path and you are likely to struggle in your early years trying to find your footing. You are independent and resilient, which is why even when it feels like you are alone you can pull yourself through. You are also likely to earn wealth between the age of 35 and 56 years, according to thestateindia.com.

2. Fork sign at the end of fate line

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If you have a fate line that ends in a fork sign, it shows that you are someone who might have to fight hard to free themselves from difficulties. You might be entrapped by your own insecurities and would have to fight them to get ahead in life. Once you are able to do that, you can gain wealth that can see you through the rest of your life. However, you need to be careful of run-ins with the law. Mostly, it indicates fame and wealth.

3. Two fate lines

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If you have two or double fate lines, then that indicates that you are someone with a creative and versatile thinking process. You are most likely to have a few skills that help you excel in life too. You are likely going to have more than one expertise and you will juggle a few careers together. You are dedicated and will need the patience to see yourself through your dreams. There might be multiple challenges in your path and you will have to find a way to wade through. It can mean that you have a double income that will help you flourish financially, according to dreamastromeanings.

4. Branch at the beginning of line 

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If you see a branched fate line at the start, then you are likely to be someone who has ardent faith in God and you will be that way for life. You believe in serving the community and focus on helping those who are destitute. You are a kind soul and are almost always cheerful. Whether it's about fixing someone's roof or mowing someone's garden, you are always ready to lend a helping hand through cash and kind.

5. Starts from the wrist

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If the fate line on your hand, starts at the wrist or a little above it, going straight to the mount of Saturn, which is right below the middle finger, you are likely to have immense wealth. However, if there is any break, cut or cross, wavy sections, island signs or black dots, then the luck is sketchy or short. Only when the line is uninterrupted will you find financial success. Whatever profession you choose, will make you rich.

6. Wavy line

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If you have a fate line that is not straight then it indicates some trouble in your life. It could be that you have to work extra hard to get where you want to be. It can also indicate financial hardship as well as doing hard labor. If the fate line is wavy then the hardship will be during those years the wavy line indicates towards. i.e., if it wave in the middle, it could indicate difficult years in the middle of your life, and same for beginning of the line and end of the line. It can also show that you need to be careful about your health. If the line turns straight after a few wavy lines, then that indicates good fortune after a certain period.




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