Fun Test: The First Animal You're Drawn to Is Your Spirit Animal | Here's What It Means

Fun Test: The First Animal You're Drawn to Is Your Spirit Animal | Here's What It Means

If you see an animal often in your dreams or are drawn to any, chances are it might be your spirit animal.

Spirit animals, who are they? Or rather what are they? You might have come across the term spirit animals a few times, right? But have you ever tried to dig deeper and find out more about it?

If you keep your minds open to such mystical ideas you might notice that they have a different kind of power that is inexplicable but intriguing at the same time. In this case, it is believed that when you come across certain animals in your lives often, it could be a sign from the universe trying to tell us something. They can be our guiding angels.

According to Mind Body Green, in native American cultures, animals play a significant part in our lives. They are seen as spiritual guides. We usually tend to see our spiritual guides in familiar faces or animals that we're drawn to. So it is possible that we may find relatable energy in one animal or multiple animals at once. These spiritual guides do nothing but boost our confidence and make our lives easier as we feel more at ease and spiritually connected to everything around us.

So, from the animals displayed below, tell us which animal you feel drawn to the most and we'll try to tell you why it might be your spirit animal.

Source: Illustration by Shamik Das

1. Cat

Source: Illustration | By Shamik Das

If you were drawn to the cat it could be because you are similar to it in many ways. A cat symbolizes a spirit of adventure, courage, patience, and the ability to connect with itself and heal from inside out. It also symbolizes sensuality and curiosity, according to Medium. They are also a symbol of balance as they make sure there is freedom in their lives along with the time they spend with their close ones. They are often seen as the bridge between the realm of the unseen and the seen. So if you see them out there too often, it could mean that someone is trying to tell you something. So, believe in your intuition.

2. Turtle

Source: Illustration | By Shamik Das

The turtle symbolizes wisdom, truth, understanding, and peace. According to Spirit-Animals, the turtle is trying to tell you to pay attention to the details and avoid taking shortcuts. It encourages you to be at peace and move at your pace. It is also trying to tell you to stay grounded and connected to your roots as it will help you focus on the things that you need to pay attention to and enjoy your present.

3. Butterfly

Source: Illustration | By Shamik Das

A butterfly is a symbol of rebirth, metamorphosis, and transformation. So, if you often see these beautiful creatures fluttering by you or if you're drawn to them, it could mean that your life is about to change as it moves through different stages just like that of a butterfly, as per Trusted Psychic Mediums. It also reminds you to pause for a moment, take in the beauty of the world and the challenges it makes you go through because only then can you show everyone what a beautiful being you are!

4. Elephant

Source: Illustration | By Shamik Das

This majestic being exudes authority and has a dominating presence. If you're attracted to them, it could be because you are a natural leader as well. But you are also the gentlest ones in the room, as per Spirit-Animals. An elephant is also a symbol of intelligence so we're guessing you're smart too! Since elephants have a good memory it could be possible that it's difficult for you to forget things whether good or bad but it also helps you to see things for what they are and learn from it. It helps you to find your priorities. Although you're always on your feet to help others, these animals also guide you to nurture yourself along the way.

5. Peacock

Source: Illustration | By Shamik Das

All of us can agree that peacocks are one of the most beautiful birds and do you know what they symbolize? Of course, beauty and grace. But that's not all. According to Spirit Animals, they are also a symbol of honor, integrity, and self-love. If you're drawn to this animal, it could be a sign that you're venturing into a new area or feeling that could be your rebirth. People who see the peacock as their spirit animal, are very self-aware, confident, and easy-going.

6. Owl

Source: Illustration | By Shamik Das

Owls as spirit animals symbolize wisdom, good judgment, and knowledge. If you think the owl's your spirit animal, then you might be a keen observer with amazing intuition just like the sharp-visioned creatures. They are seen as a catalyst for change that can encourage you to find new opportunities and get new healthy habits, as per Trusted Psychic Mediums. Owls also point out that you as an individual like to explore and learn about new things. It's hard for people to hide things from you as you can identify pretty easily if someone is genuine or not. Also, you are grateful for everything in this world and never take it for granted.

There are more of them, all you have to do is keep your eyes and mind open, they'll find you themselves.









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