Fun Test: The First Thought That Comes to Mind When You Wake up in the Morning Reveals Your State of Mind

Fun Test: The First Thought That Comes to Mind When You Wake up in the Morning Reveals Your State of Mind

Our subconscious thoughts that keep coming back to us over and over reveal more about us than we know.

As we open our eyes in the morning after a peaceful night of sleep, some thoughts come rushing in. For those, who have learned to control their thoughts, it could be a positive experience. They want to look forward to the day and just have a good day. However, if you are having negative thoughts, it could be slowing you down for the rest of the day since you are battling that voice inside you. We can all practice having a better state of mind, but the first step lies in recognizing our negative loops of thought.

The thoughts don't mean that you are worried about that particular problem. It has a deeper meaning. While you worry about calling someone back, it could actually mean you have some form of communication anxiety. 

Here are five thoughts that you might catch yourself having: 

1. "Oh, I have gained weight

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If your first thought in the morning is about your body image it could be because you are being self-critical. When you are occupied with your flaws, you forget to see your strengths and might feel defeated even before the day begins. You could pay attention to the positives instead, according to Healthyplace.com. You might feel like you have no worth but that is not true. Negative thoughts can bring us down and stop us from being our best self possible. 

2. "Oh man. Three more days for the weekend"

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You can't wait for the week to end since there are external expectations that are making you anxious. Since the first thoughts you have in the morning are crucial to the attitude, feelings, and energy you will have for the rest of the day, it is important to nip it in the bud.

According to HuffPost, Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius once famously wrote, "When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive -- to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love." Practice this, and you will have a much better day ahead.

3. "Hmm. It's a busy day but I love the morning quiet"

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If you wake up thinking that it's going to be a busy day and yet you are enjoying the morning quiet, you are content with life. You have it under control: the domestic and work pressure. You are settled into your life and know that whatever comes your way, you can handle. You are in a positive mental space and believe in yourself and your abilities. 

4. "Should I have not said what I said yesterday?"

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If you regretting something you said to your partner is the first thought, then your relationship is shaky at the moment. Perhaps, you find it difficult to be yourself in front of others, even the people close to you. Opening a line of communication with them by asking what they thought about what you said could help solve the issue. You might imagine it to be bigger than it actually is. When you address the issue head-on, it might get solved easily.

5. "I need to call _____ back"

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If you wake up anxious since you have to make multiple calls or send emails to people, it could be because you are afraid to initiate conversation. You could have some anxieties about communicating with those around you. Maybe, it is difficult for you to have deep and honest conversations with your loved ones. If so, you have been avoiding some deeper issues simply by refusing to talk about them. Instead of letting them fester, just open up to your loved ones and express yourself. 




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