Fun Test: How Many 8’s Can You Spot in This Picture? There’s More Than Meets the Eye

Fun Test: How Many 8’s Can You Spot in This Picture? There’s More Than Meets the Eye

It's a tricky one, but you can do it!

Monotony is getting to all of us, with no respite in sight. It's been the same boring routine for the past year and a half and most people are pulling their hair out because of it. At first, work from home seemed like a well-deserved break from putting in so much effort to get to work, but now, people would give anything to go back to their office space, just for some proper human interaction.

While this is something that is out of our control, the least we can do is keep our brains sharp and working so that we're always at the top of the game, despite the situation, and what better way to do so than to indulge in some optical illusions and puzzles. The best part about it is that while there's only one answer to it, there will be multiple ways people perceive it.

These puzzles, better known as brain teasers, tease your brain into finding multiple solutions to the same question, because of the nature of the problem. In this picture, you need to find out the total number of 8's. The numbers are placed rather closely, so you will have to work your brain a bit for this.

Image Source: Canva

It is a bit tricky, but come on, you got this. Remember to think outside the box!

How many 8's have you managed to spot?

Have you managed to spot five? Yes, there are five, but there are more, too. 

Source: Canva

Look harder. 

Okay, here's a clue: think sideways. 

Yes, that's right. Do you see four more 8's?

Source: Canva

At first sight, it seems like there are only four 8's but when you look closer, you will find there are five more. Honestly, this is how life is, too. Nothing is ever as it seems because there is more to it than meets the eye.

It is surprising that you get a life lesson from a simple puzzle, but that's the way it is. Now you know you shouldn't jump to conclusions before you observe a situation completely, don't you?

Cover Image Source: Canva

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